Marathon FAQs

When is the next Marathon?

The Marathon is a 48-hour event starting at 9am on Thursday, December 15th (Napa time). We host a marathon three times yearly: Harvest (August), Holiday (December), and Spring (March/April).

Do I need to register?

Nope, but you DO need a Last Bottle account to participate. You should sign up or log in to your account now and make sure your default shipping and billing info is set. During the Marathon, we do not send a daily offer email; you just have to be on the website!

How does shipping work for the Marathon?

One word: Free-shipping-on-all-orders-of-any-size-or-shape. 

Okay, a bit more: your Marathon orders will be consolidated and shipped out from our Napa warehouse. We ship one state at a time (fun fact: we randomize the state-by-state dispatch order each time we have a Marathon!) We'll send you a survey after the Marathon to get your shipping preferences, but please note that shipping so many orders can take up to six weeks. We've also prepared this handy Marathon Shipping Video. If you need your wine shipped on a specific date, please email us at [email protected]-- we will do our best to get it to you!

When can I expect my order to arrive?

WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!!! (just kidding) We know Marathon shipping always takes longer than anyone would like, and we appreciate your patience as we consolidate and dispatch hundreds-of-thousands of orders. We promise we are cranking away like crazy, but plan on a lot of extra time (up to 6 weeks). We can provide an up-to-date estimate if you ping us at [email protected].

When and what is the Fall Shipping Push?

For the Harvest (summer) Marathon, you are given the option to ship ASAP or have your shipment held at our warehouse. Generally we recommend against shipping your wines in hot summer temperatures. Harvest Marathon wines will default to ship during our Fall Shipping Push, which takes place between September through December. Packages will be dispatched on a state-by-state basis based on weather conditions, under our careful supervision.

Do referral credits still work during the Marathon?

YOU BET THEY DO!!! That is how you end up with TONS of wine you don't pay for (our Invite Policy states that if we see anyone abusing the invite system, orders will be canceled and their accounts will be banned. Keep it fun, folks, and invite your real friends!) During the last Marathon we had someone send out their referral code to a huge list of people and scored $600+ in credits!! Sweet, RIGHT???

Any advice for a newbie?

You'll need to keep hitting the "REFRESH" button on your browser to catch them all (the more you refresh, the more you will see, some wines sell out in seconds...!) Your cart will not protect your selections, so be sure to finish the purchase process on each wine! Double-triple check your shipping address before the Marathon heats up. All wines are first-come-first-served. As a note, there is no ‘last bottle’ credit during the Marathon.

Any advice for an expert?

Other than marking yourself as "do not disturb" on the company calendar, true Marathon pros have been known to download a 2-second browser refresher (seriously), update your Chrome, surround yourself with snacks and adult beverages, crank your favorite Spotify playlist (we've compiled a few for you here). As always: double-triple check your shipping address before the Marathon heats up.

What if I mess up my order, or I have a special shipping request?

We are here to help! If you have shipping conflicts, delivery dates that don't work in your schedule, address issues, etc., contact us at [email protected] right away.

I'm scared.

It is OK. We are here for you. We will get through this together.