Bennett Lane Cabernet Sauvignon Winemaker Selection Napa Valley 2017  - Last Bottle

Bennett Lane Cabernet Sauvignon Winemaker Selection Napa Valley 2017




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Last Bottle

Oh, you fabulous people, you awesome humans – we HEAR you!! MORE CABERNET! Can’t stop, won’t stop! Not the Napa average $100+...not $75 either…you want a DEAL and we live to make your dreams come true!

And so, to quote our favorite dreamy-eyed farm boy, “As you wish.” OVER 60% OFF! UNDER $30! Bennett Lane Cabernet Sauvignon has been on our “most re-requested” list since the first time we ever offered it some years back – so any of you who know this wine probably aren't reading anyway, as you’ve already got your 6-pack! And we HOOKED you up today, oh yes… their rare and beguiling Winemaker Selection Cabernet Sauvignon!!!! Huzzah!

For the rest of you - well, just HURRY is all we can advise, here, sorry. Beautifully-drinking, pristinely integrated 100% cabernet sauvignon at...well, let’s find the right phrase...reality warping prices, like, you just went through a black hole to a dimension where NAPA CABS at this level costs about 60% less than you ever thought possible! Oh, and also you have 2 mouths for easier sipping and wicked telekinetic powers. Who knows? It’s possible.

Anywho…this is for those who dig big, rich, lush, oaky, and mouth coating cabernet! The shy need not apply. Jammy plum preserves, Luxardo cherries, mocha, raspberries, chocolate-dipped blueberries, a skosh of toasted fennel seed, and toasty sweet oak notes. Ripe and plush all the way through the long, sultry finish, with a kiss of black pepper spice to say goodnight. Structured and powerful – but PERFECTLY aged for drinking now. At my desk. At nine in the morning. (Other times, too.) Anyways…DANG! Unabashedly Napa, and tastes way, WAY more expensive than our crazy, bewildering price! Y’all ain’t tired of NAPA CAB yet, am I right? ‘Cause you sure as heck don’t want to miss this!!

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Italian wines grown in the beautiful Calistoga AVA. 

Technical Details

  • Country: United States
  • Region: California
  • Appellation: Napa Valley
  • Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Alcohol: 14.50%

About The Producer

Bennett Lane is a small family winery that was brought into fruition by owners Randy and Lisa Lynch’s love for Italy. The Lynch family has a passion for food and wine, and their wine philosophy is centered around their belief that wine should complement the meal, instead of being the table’s centerpiece. After planting acreage in Napa Valley, they sought to craft a perfect portfolio of dinner table wines that pay homage to their Italian travels.

Pairing Suggestions

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms




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