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Frisson Toucher Vineyards Proprietary Red 2018  - Last Bottle

Frisson Toucher Vineyards Proprietary Red 2018




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Last Bottle

Did we GET ya?! Heeee heee…!

Sorry, it’s almost Friday and we needed a laugh (ever actually TRIED Night Train? We did -- yuck)….BUT, today's LEGIT offer could easily be an April Fool’s thing ($65 to $25? $27 less than the lowest online? Rich, delicious Napa Red? 2018 vintage?? Yeah, right.). Crazy! Will GO FAST though...we got all we could, but like the Stags Leap and other recent Napa will go zippity-doo-dah quick!!

Alas, it’s always April 1st here, it seems like, with wicked-crazy good wine just flying around at giggle-able pricing.... SO ---- this IS a colossal no-brainer of epic proportions - Frisson’s new release of Toucher Vineyards. Winemaker Wayne Donaldson has made HUGE wine in ‘18, soaring with your-favorite-coffee-shop-and-bakery scents, dark cocoa, masses of sweet blue fruit, toasted spice and blueberry. A rockin’, frisson-y (def: a moment of intense excitement, a thrill) mouthful even at $65 -- at our price today? It’s chaos! You know these’ll be gone in a flash...grab it while it’s in the house! 

Free ground shipping on 4 or more bottles.

Our 2018 Frisson Toucher Vineyards captures the core of this valley floor site. Layers of vibrant cassis, black cherry, and black currant interplay with savory infusions of graphite, sage, tapenade and tobacco that unfold in unwavering strata.

Technical Details

  • Country: USA
  • Region: Napa Valley
  • Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vineyard: Toucher Vineyard
  • Winemaker: Paul Colantuoni and Wayne Donaldson
  • Alcohol: 15.20%

About The Producer

Frisson is a French word meaning a moment of intense excitement, a thrill; a word which aptly describes our story and philosophy.

One evening we met a winemaker who shared our philosophy and vision – to make truly fine wines that exemplify the energy of the New World, honed with the sophistication of the Old World approach. Our Frisson began!

After purchasing a prized allocation of 2007 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon grapes our journey as vintners came to life. While we could not have imagined how challenging making wine could have been, it has been an adventure of a lifetime – for which we have relished every moment, every twist and every turn.

Pairing Suggestions

beef and venison




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