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Crossbow Pinot Noir Sonoma County 2021




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Last Bottle

Pinot people! Party people! It’s ALL about YOU today, a do-anything-you-must-including-pretending-you-need-to-pee-to-get-out-of-that-meeting rippingly-fine steal – the most rockingly excellent deal we’ve made on Carneros pinot in many a moon. What’s that you say? Almost 67% OFF the winery’s price? Cheaper than renting the HD version of “The Gray Man”? Speaking of, we’re good! Fist bumps and all that. Despite our endless, rampant, relentless searching, we really NEVER have enough good pinot and CERTAINLY not drastically dope-priced as this!!

*First come, first served…drink with everything, all the time…

BULLSEYE. That’s exactly how we felt when we tasted this beauty last month. Great quality, terrific value California pinot noirs have been hard to come by recently, and trust us, we taste through OCEANS, veritable seas and Olympic pools-full of it on the daily. When the cork popped on this youthful beauty, and the seductive, rosy-hued nectar filled our glass and tickled our senses – well, it was ON.

This wine is stop-you-in-your-tracks GORGEOUS. Delicate, elegant and classic pinot-ness. This wine tastes like the vinous love-child of old-school Oregon pinot and cool California plots from the extreme Sonoma coast. Super juicy, velvety. The nose pops with hibiscus, cherry blossom and tangerine zest, before turning to pomegranate, red cherries, sarsaparilla, black tea, cinnamon and crushed blackberries. WAY. MORE. COMPLEX… than any $15 pinot has any business being. Trust your happy Napa Valley wine merchant! 

Crossbow proprietor Clay Shannon is a farm boy from Healdsburg who grew up a 4-H kid (It’s the rancher’s version of the boy scouts). He farms organically, uses sheep in place of lawnmowers, and rose through the ranks to manage all vineyard operations at Trinchero (that's A LOT of vines!). With his Crossbow wines, he’s making small lots of varietal specific wines from locations throughout the North Bay. His years of contacts from managing the myriad vineyard holdings and relationships through a giant like Trinchero have paid dividends… and we’re here to share the bounty with you fine folks – WHILE IT LASTS!

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"We sourced fruit from the famous growing region, Carneros, to create our renowned Crossbow Pinot Noir. The craftsmanship and harmony that goes into the creation of this wine harkens back to the artistry and skill required of the expert artisans who crafted crossbows centuries ago."

Aged in French oak, this Pinot Noir has a beautiful garnet color with aromas of Bing cherry, red raspberry, baking spice and subtle vanilla notes. It presents a lush softness on the palate coupled with flavors of concentrated red and blue fruit, with a core of cherry and dark raspberry with purple violet oral notes. Medium bodied with balanced acidity that lifts the flavors.

Technical Details

  • Country: USA
  • Region: Napa/Sonoma
  • Appellation: Los Carneros
  • Varietal: Pinot Noir
  • Alcohol: 14.30%

About The Producer

This wild, challenging terrain captured Shannon’s imagination and inspired his uncompromising commitment to the land itself. “We wanted to grow the best fruit possible,” says Clay, “but we wanted to do it in a way that made us happy living there.”

Today, Shannon Family of Wines includes over 2,000 acres of mountain property, roughly half of which is under vine. With the earth’s climate under threat, we’re using our resources to do something about it. This includes transforming 1,000 acres into a regenerative organic farming system that greatly reduces environmental impact. Our home is situated on the ridges of ancient volcanic soil at higher elevations. And while conditions may seem extreme, the guest experience is extraordinary. Rustic charm, stunning lake views, and abundant wildlife underscore the western spirit still alive in Clear Lake. Visitors enjoy award-winning wines, a range of varietals, and great value, all crafted with an approach that puts earth first. At Shannon Family of Wines, we’re true to ourselves and to the land.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Veal, Game, Poultry




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