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Ironman Marathon Madness  - Last Bottle

Ironman Marathon Madness

IT's BAAAACK....!! Clear your calendar! By far our most outrageous one yet! Our own Cory W. (you know him as "that hand holding the bottle") will be competing in the Wildflower Half-Ironman next week, and with our well-known love of marathon wine sales, we thought we'd name this one for him!!!

First off - we want you to know...we listened. You said: "MORE CABERNET." "MORE BORDEAUX!" "I WISH YOU HAD MORE OF THAT....(insert your favorite Last Bottle steal here)." "CAN YOU GET MORE CHATEAUNEUF?" "CHABLIS, please!" We heard you, and we've been carefully stashing cases of just those very things over the last few months, along with many many other super-sweet steals that we don't have enough of to do a normal email offer. Truly, this will be one for the ages - screaming deals on just about every type of wine imaginable for the next 48 hours!!

SO: HERE'S THE DEAL: Starting tomorrow (Thursday 4/24) at 9AM pst sharp, we are unleashing a flood of wine, moving at breakneck speed. HUNDREDS upon hundreds of unbelievable bargains from every corner of Planet Earth at market-crushing prices. It's easily OUR BIGGEST MARATHON YET (we say that every time, but it's true - they just keep getting more massive)! Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS! TRUE Madness.

Most of you know the drill - for the newcomers (welcome, you are going to LOVE this), here is the magic, the madness about to ensue: for the next 2 days (or until we completely run out of wine, which is likely), wines will appear at hyperspeed on the website, and flip VERY quickly as they sell out. These are wines we get in limited quantities at crazy-good pricing, generally not enough to send out an email on, and you won't get any emails for the next two days, either. You'll need to keep hitting the "REFRESH" button on your browser to catch them all (the more you refresh, the more you will see, some sell out in seconds...!). That's it - madness it is, and all first come, first served!!

Finally - All orders placed during this marathon will begin shipping next week but could take up to 2 weeks to leave the warehouse (logistically we just can't get everything out right away)! Also there will be no $25 credit for buying the Last Bottle during the marathon.

Get $20 in Credit,
friends get $5.

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