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Romain Collet Chablis Les Pargues 2018  - Last Bottle

Romain Collet Chablis Les Pargues 2018




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Last Bottle

Whatever in life ails you, invigorating, soul-lifting and cell-regenerating CHABLIS, chardonnay from the greatest place on Earth to grow it, IS THE REMEDY! YES! 50% OFF, the sensational 2018, we are off to throw a case into the car, we NEVER get enough Chablis...and priced like THIS? Get your freshmaker ON, NOW, while it lasts...probably not more than an hour or two at this rate…

Tip: Bring this to the party and say: “Man, you can just taste the oyster shells in this.” Or don’t, if you’re shy. You’ll either get the stink eye or they’ll taste it and say “WHOA, you blippin’ NAILED it!” Crushed oyster shells IS really a feature in this luscious, impossible-to-put-down bottle of zesty goodness, along with subtle but crazily mouth-watering lemon citrus pith, citrus peel, lime, wet stones, a touch of sea spray, even, well, you can imagine it misting over you as it cools your soul. “Les Pargues” is a special bottling -- particularly hard to find. It’s a special site, nestled among the 1er Crus of Butteaux and Forêts. The Collet family traces their wine roots back to 1792; it has never occurred to Romain to do anything else with the family’s excellent holdings in Chablis. 

We PROMISE -- this is crackling great stuff -- the price is head-shakingly awesome. That’s it! While it lasts! 

Free ground shipping on 4 or more bottles.

                                                        “ROMAIN’S EMPIRE”

                                                            MADE IN 1792

In an ocean of drab Chablis, the wines of Romain Collet possess an afterglow of nuance and restraint. I’ve spent the last decade getting to know this young talent and tasting the results of his labor; his wines are a testament to the dynamic and noble capabilities of cool climate Chardonnay.

Technical Details

  • Country: France
  • Region: Bourgogne
  • Appellation: Chablis
  • Blend: Burgundy Chablis
  • Varietal: Chardonnay
  • Alcohol: 13.00%

About The Producer

The Collet name has always resonated as a benchmark of what classical wines taste and feel like, how Chardonnay from Chablis has its own shape and curve, and cannot be mistaken for Chardonnay from Puligny, to say nothing of Chardonnay from Sonoma.

The Collet family traces their wine roots back to 1792; it has never occurred to Romain to do anything else. The family has controlled an impressive suite of parcels in Chablis’ best sites: Les Clos, Valmur, Mont de Milieu, Montée de Tonnerre, Vaillons, Montmains, Butteaux, Forêts, Séchet, and the silent overachiever, Les Pargues. Romain has grown up with these vineyards; he is like a human compass for these vines. In 2008 Romain took over winemaking for Domaine Collet after his father suffered a stroke; one year later he started his own Domaine, Romain Collet.  His inaugural vintage was 2009, and he was only 23.

Today, most of Romain’s parcels are certified organic by France’s Bureau Veritas; by the end of 2020 that figure will be 100%. Are these “natural” wines? Collet applies is a small addition of sulfur during fermentation and at the bottling stage, so no, not completely.

Pairing Suggestions

Pork, Rich Fish (salmon, tuna etc..) Shellfish and Mild soft cheeses.




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