Are you ready for the
Last Bottle Marathon?! So what exactly IS the Marathon???

The Marathon is two days of pell-mell, uber-speedy wine-blowout madness; we’re talking back-to-back deals on over 1000 different wines. When we have too few bottles for a daily offer, we put it in the Marathon stockpile. Some of these bottles are MEGA rare, collector-type vino. Then, over the course of two insane days, we blow through it at breakneck speed... down to the LAST last bottle. We flip the offer at the moment the last one sells out (sometimes in seconds). All wines are first-come-first-served!

The next two day Marathon is happening Thursday, August 29th.

How the Last Bottle Marathon Works

Step 01

Create an account and save your payment and shipping information!

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Or have your login credentials ready (make sure your payment and shipping info is up to date)!

TIP: Consider taking this time to refer friends so you get credits when they make their first purchase, and they get $$$ for signing up!* Friends don't let friends miss out on killer wine deals.

*Be sure to read our Invite Policy. Orders will be canceled and accounts banned if we see anyone abusing the invite system. Keep it fun, folks, and invite your real friends!

Last Bottle website on an iPhone

Illustration of wine bottles - Last Bottle

Step 02

On the day of the Marathon starting at 9AM Pacific, head to and be prepared to refresh your browser VERY QUICKLY as new wines will be added as soon as they sell out (think 700+ wines ranging in any price point you can imagine!) This all happens real fast, no joke, so be prepared!

Consider an auto refresh browser extension to assist.

Step 03

See a wine you want, BUY IT immediately before it’s swooped out from under you! No reserving inventory (and no last bottle credits during Marathon), so act QUICK if you see something you like.

Purchase wines during the Last Bottle Marathon

Illustration of wine bottles from the Last Bottle Marathon

Step 04

Return to the home page after purchase and keep refreshing to find more wines to score.

To make your life easier, we include free Ground shipping on all Marathon orders in the contiguous U.S. (those are the lower 48, FYI)!

Step 05

Woo, you made it through the Marathon! Given the high volumes and complex logistics of the process, you'll need to hang tight for a few weeks while we compile your orders before shipping them out to you, posthaste! This process typically takes 4-6 weeks, as all orders ship from our wine-soaked west coast warehouse in Napa, CA. Rest assured it's worth the wait because these deals are KILLER!!

Illustration of unboxing wines from the Last Bottle Marathon

Illustration of wine shipment from the Last Bottle Marathon

Step 06

Get your wine and ENJOY. Thanks for participating! Share your stash on social media and tag @lastbottlewines to get reposted!

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