Le Vieux Donjon Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge 2021  - Last Bottle

Le Vieux Donjon Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge 2021

Le Vieux Donjon!!!

It’s been YEARS since we got access to this icon of the Southern Rhone…YEARS! The last offer on this was the 2016 vintage – and we had it at a spectacular price back then, and y’all rightly SNATCHED up every last bottle…$50 for such a wine was a righteous steal! But TODAY! We’re dusting off the Last Bottle Time Machine and taking you way, way back… to a world where you could snag the incredible Le Vieux Donjon Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge for UNDER $40!!! 

HUZZAH!!! The supreme elegance of the cool and old-schooly 2021 CdP vintage is gorgeously revealed in this stunning creature – awash with crushed strawberries, hauntingly beautiful violets and lilac aromas, TONS of berries vibes and peppery spices, all culminating in a remarkably LUSH and velvety finish. Mostly grenache, then 10% each syrah and mourvèdre, with a splash of cinsault…this is the ONLY red Le Vieux Donjon makes…and gets all the best of the best to make it shine. It’s vibrant and lively with an amazingly integrated structure that is drinking SUPERB for such a young CdP…DANG! Get a lot of this…and drink it on the REGULAR! At our crazy BEST IN THE USA price? (Seriously, this is less than some big-name online retailer sells this same wine…in HALF BOTTLE!)

Fly…just fly! We had to battle like Rocky to secure this deal – the months of back and forth, the endless hours training in the Siberian wilderness, the sweat-filled montages with endless 80s tunes…wait, what? Sorry…it was just really tough to score this fantastic wine at such an incredible price – THAT is what I’m trying to say. But, of course, totally WORTH IT. Your chance is NOW, to make some of this 93 POINT beauty yours – and I’d advise you to not waste another moment! Go, go, go!!

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With nearly 2.5 acres of organic vineyards made up of both red and white grapes in Southern Rhone, Le Vieux Donjon is a family-owned operation filled with extremely old vines – some up to 100 years old – that are only harvested once the grapes have reached peak ripeness. The fruits are only destemmed when necessary before being housed in cement tanks for fermentation and then transferred to French oak barrels for anywhere from 18 to 20 months.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Rhone
Appellation: Chateauneuf-du-Pape
Blend: 75% Grenache, 10% Syrah 10% Mourvedre and 5% Cinsault
Varietal: Grenache, Red Blends
Winemaker: Claire Fabre
Alcohol: 15

About The Producer

Founded by Marcel Michel, who bottled his first vintage in 1966, Le Vieux Donjon was then taken over in 1979 by Marcel’s son, Lucien Michel, and his wife, Marie-José, whose parents also owned a vineyard in the Southern Rhone region. Today, the couple’s daughter, Claire Fabre (who previously interned at Harlan Estate in Napa), is the head winemaker, making it a true, cross-generational family operation. The old vines, organic fruit in a desirable Southern Rhone locale, and meticulous and artful production practices give this family estate an end result of wines that are finessed, expressive, and a joy to drink.

Pairing Suggestions

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