Schug Pinot Noir Estate Carneros 2019  - Last Bottle

Schug Pinot Noir Estate Carneros 2019

Yo, peep this: WAY OVER 50% OFF, straight-up delish Carneros pinot noir! Walter Schug is a Napa Valley legend, who just so happened to create a Carneros classic (cool visit, if you’re ever here too!), and we were STUNNED, like, deer-in-the-headlights, to snag this deal!! Wow! 93 POINTS!

It amazes me how little the wine world talks about Walter Schug…for instance, I bet you didn’t know he crafted the very first Joseph Phelps Insignia (and scored a solid 99 points from Parker in the process – not too shabby for a first effort!). He ran vineyard management and grower relations for E.J. Gallo for years (no small job, I can assure you!), and after founding his Carneros winery in 1980, was a major player in the creation of the Los Carneros AVA (one of the first for Napa Valley too)! So yeah…kind of a big deal. Sadly, he passed in 2015, but his hand-picked protege – and fellow German wunderkind – Johannes Scheid carries on the tradition to this day.

— Oh, uh, I might have gotten lost in my thoughts…should have led with this, but y’all need to hurry. We didn’t get much… seriously. We got another pinot noir already lined up to follow this…’cause we are just certain to sell this out in no time!

Hailing from the windy, sloped site on a high ridge in the westernmost edge of Carneros, this Schug estate pinot noir is more old-school, cool climate than your common Napa Carneros pinots…and that’s a GOOD thing! Elegant, pretty, soft, and undeniably complex – this is a pinot that PURRRRS! Plenty of red berries and cherries, plus earthy spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, then damp forest floor, fragrant porcini mushrooms, all uplifted by this tingly bright acidity that harkens cranberries and blood orange zest. There’s plenty of heft, without any clunkiness, and my-oh-my does this beauty finish clean!!! For our PRICE?! This is insane…we almost NEVER get access to these wines, and this will surely SELL OUT! Get yours, quick…and then maybe tune back in later for another scintillating pinot deal to come!!!

Walter Schug’s name has become synonymous with exceptional pinot noir.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Carneros
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard: Schug Estate
Winemaker: Johannes Scheid
Aging/Cooperage: 16 months in 35% new French oak barrels, and 65% in used French oak.
Harvest Date: September 2019
Alcohol: 14.2
Production: 750

About The Producer

Over 40 years ago, Walter Schug’s pinot noir passion led him from Napa Valley to the Sonoma Carneros region to establish The Schug Winery. After a lengthy career pioneering within the Napa Valley scene, with notable tenures at E & J Gallo and Phelps Winery, he settled on the Shrug estate vineyard on the Western edge of Carneros. Today, winemaker Johannes Scheid is at the helm of the operation. He is carrying the torch of Walter Schug’s legacy, producing European-style pinot noir and chardonnay that highlights the Sonoma terroir. 

Pairing Suggestions

Veal, pork, poultry, mushrooms

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