Petroni Vineyards Sangiovese Poggio alla Pietra Vineyard Moon Mountain District 2017  - Last Bottle

Petroni Vineyards Sangiovese Poggio alla Pietra Vineyard Moon Mountain District 2017

And…so long, Dropout Red! Hello, crushable and DELECTABLE Sonoma sangiovese!!! Nearly 80% OFF, people!!!

We knew that first wine wasn’t going to last long – but fret you not!!! We have the perfect “tweener” amount of this sumptuous, structured and drop-dead gorgeous 93 POINT sangiovese ready for just such an occasion!! Not enough for its own offer, too much for marathon alone – but JUST RIGHT for today! (random aside…Goldilocks is kind of…well, a wench! Who does that? Talk about entitlement…) Anywho… Poggio alla Pietra!!! We return again to our new favorite Hill of Stones – for more of Sonoma’s best sangiovese! Y’all keep asking for more, more, MORE – and we’re nothing if not obliging. 

Tuscany re-born in Sonoma, Petroni’s simply spectacular “Poggio alla Pietra” has exploded out of nowhere to become my unquestionable favorite California expression of Sangiovese. Decanter heaved a solid 93 POINT score out into the void, and that’s at the $92 straight-from-the-winery price. At our cray-cray price of NEARLY 80% less (which drops things down to UNDER $20, by the way…), well, the theory of relativity dictates that this is surely a 97 at least!!! I’m no physicist – but I’m pretty sure that checks out. 

The warm 2017 vintage gives this a brooding and deeply powerful edge – structured tannins that are just now starting to soften and open. Fully ripe fruits like black plums, and red currants, plus myriad bramble berries, and this roasted and savory herb quality that just carries this on, and on, and ON!!! It’s big, but also complex, and seductive, too…whispering in your ear with a puff of cigar box smokiness, and a cool, minty fresh tingle on the neverending finish. These simply stunning wines continue to impress and you can truly NEVER have too many! 93 POINTS, and a cranium-thumping 79.35% OFF!!! Let’s GOOOOO!!!

Experience elegant and expressive Italian and Bordeaux varietals grown on the unique AVA of Moon Mountain in Sonoma County. 

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Sonoma County
Varietal: Sangiovese
Vineyard: Poggio alla Pietra Vineyard
Winemaker: Martin Mackenzie
Alcohol: 15

About The Producer

Founder Lorenzo Petroni’s dream was to craft a California Sangiovese to rival the coveted Brunello di Montalcino. So, at the ripe age of 17, he left his hometown of Lucca and set out for San Francisco with only a few dollars in his pocket and a woman’s pantsuit (true story). He worked his way up the ladder at a North Beach restaurant and escaped to Sonoma Valley on the weekends. There, he found the perfect piece of land to plant his Sangiovese vines. After 30 years of developing the property, Lorenzo packed his vines in suitcases and smuggled them to Italy, and convinced the Italian Brunello Consorzio to allow him to use the Brunello name on his Moon Mountain Sangiovese. 

Pairing Suggestions

Wild boar ragu and pappardelle pasta

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