Angelo Germano Barolo Trevigneti 2015  - Last Bottle

Angelo Germano Barolo Trevigneti 2015

BAROLO! Or, if you prefer – Valhalla, Eden, Xanadu, Tír na nÓg…heaven, basically. Pure, vinous heaven. We’re just simply stoked to have this world-class Barolo from an epic, powerful, and intensely forward vintage… just check out James Suckling's description of the season in Barolo:

“The full capability of the nebbiolo grape’s expressive nature is alive in Barolo 2015 and it is a vintage to really celebrate…the wines are exuberantly fragrant and show fresh clear fruit on the nose with abundant aromatic complexity.” 

That about sums it up! We RARELY get Germano’s wonderful wines – especially at an unreal $40 OFF retail, and WAY over 50% OFF…for BAROLO!! My, how it dizzies the senses. Piedmontese collectors, Italian aficionados, wine lovers with a pulse… just grab some of  this!!! Happiness guaranteed.

Germano dates back to 1908 and has a long history of advancing wine quality throughout Piedmont. The vast majority of Germano is sold in high-end restaurants and rarely even leaves Italy! SO -- we are GOBSMACKED to have some priced ANYTHING like this! ”Tre Vigneti” means a blend of 3 parcels owned by Germano, and there’s something here to note:

IT’S NOT FOR THE SHY. Nope, we are talking traditional, powerful, masculine, somewhat old-schooly Barolo from some 50-year-old vines. In this excellent vintage, it’s ROCKING with orange pekoe black tea, toasted cloves, crushed dried purple flowers, blood orange, Bing cherry, red berries, some exotic cinnamon (but not really oaky, promise) -- wonderfully fun to drink, and it changes drastically all through the time you’re sipping in joyful abandon. Get some for your cellar, too! FORTY DOLLARS OFF!!! Whew, I gotta stop! Simply not grab yours while it lasts!

Pepper and anise on the nose. Red fruit at first blush with the classic Barolo leather and tobacco. Bold and dry. Classic finish.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Appellation: Barolo
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Alcohol: 14.00%

About The Producer

Times change, and yet it has to deal with the crisis that affects the whole globe, fortunately the quality wine market holds and the effort to produce the best wine possible is rewarded. The wines of Angelo Germano rarely appear in the guides or in trade magazines, this is perhaps a reflection of being directly protagonists for the promotion of their products, they prefer direct contact with end customers, "you want to host and engage in an experience that goes beyond the sale of wine" says Viviana " So is not given too much weight to the changing opinions of the critics, but we focus on honesty and relevance of a refined product and cared for many generations". Who wants to know the most authentic soul of the Langhe cannot help but enjoy a wine accompanied by the most classic dishes, here, in the Langhe, in Barolo wine country. From this idea was born the project for the renovation of the property from which it all began: the former Barolo Social winery, then the Germano Angelo winery and now about to become a magnificent space for the reception of tourists and above all a laboratory in which they will prepare typical products whose raw materials are grown on the farm following the synergistic gardening that can be tasted directly at point of sale, with the wines of Angelo Germano. A portion will also be used as a family museum to honor the many generations who have lived and who have preserved and improved over the centuries our wonderful food and wine and cultural heritage.

Pairing Suggestions

Lamb, red meat, veal and strong cheeses

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