Meteor Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Perseid Coombsville Napa Valley 2017  - Last Bottle

Meteor Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Perseid Coombsville Napa Valley 2017

No – you haven’t lost your grip on reality. This is actually happening…

Ahhhh...Napa cab fiends, collectors, enthusiasts, and’s HIGHLY suggested you do anything in your power to get on the site and snag this – crazy limited today. 94 POINTS. WOW!!!

We’re just gobsmacked. (Quietly collects self) – OK. Here’s what you need to know:

- A staggering $101 OFF current retail pricing. Yes, no typo. Hey, we know, we're floored too. These kinds of things only happen because we’re at ground zero here in the lush, verdant Napa Valley!!  

- The superb winemaking talents of Bill and Dawnine Dyer (local Napa legends) combined with the legendary vineyard manager Mike Wolf (Harlan, Bond, too many to name here…).

- The vineyard is a longtime favorite selection for Andy Erickson, Tony Soter, Philippe Melka, and many of Napa’s top winemakers…a true star of the Coombsville AVA!

- We said 94 POINTS, right? Galloni calls it “, dense and expansive, with tons of depth and pure volume…” and straight up “scrumptious” – sounds about right!!!

OK - that's the condensed version, if you're not already on the checkout page – what are you waiting for? We'll NEVER SAY how we pulled off an astounding score like this, but just go with it (while it lasts...). Meteor Vineyards “Perseid” Cabernet Sauvignon is revered for its Bordeaux-esque style, but here in the warm 2017 vintage, it’s added a whole ‘nother level of ripe fruit depth, and silky, powerful weight to kick up the amplitude. This will age another decade, but I’m drinking this up right now – one meager tasting portion simply wasn’t enough!!! Violets and rose petals, then lavender, and mocha, black plums, sweet tobacco, blackberry pie, spice cake, cigar box….just crazy good! We haven’t scored any Meteor since the 2007 vintage (and sold it at a higher price than we have today YEARS ago! ). We're in a bit of disbelief, actually. OVER $100 OFF?! 94 Point Napa cab with this sort of pedigree is a treat. This is one of those all-time, can’t miss, only at Last Bottle kinda deals...just carpe diem that stuff until it is gone...!

Meteor Vineyard lives up to its name. Much like the cosmic phenomenon, these wines are made from some of the rarest and most treasured natural materials in the universe.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Napa Valley
Blend: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard: Meteor Vineyard
Winemaker: Bill and Dawnine
Aging/Cooperage: 22 months in French oak (70% new)
Harvest Date: September 15th through October 3rd 2017
Alcohol: 14.7

About The Producer

Internet pioneer and early leader of AOL, Barry Schuler bought the property that would become Meteor Vineyard along with his wife Tracy in 1998 and hired legendary viticulturist, Mike Wolf to assess the potential of the land. Their parcel sits on a slope in Napa Valley’s Coombsville appellation, overtop stony, volcanic soils ideal for cabernet sauvignon. Since their inaugural vintage in 2005, the Schulers have partnered with winemakers Bill and Dawnine Dyer to craft elegant, balanced wines that are built to age for decades. They produce just two estate wines, both 100% Coombsville cabernet sauvignon. 

Pairing Suggestions

Butter-basted ribeye steaks

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