Heavensake Junmai Daiginjo Noir NV (720mL)  - Last Bottle

Heavensake Junmai Daiginjo Noir NV (720mL)

What da heck? Sake? On Last Bottle? You better BELIEVE IT! When it’s this good (ahem, 96 POINTS, Best In Show…TWICE) and we can offer it to you for over $60 OFF?!?! We’re going there. And you NEED to come along for the ride! It IS wine, after all, just made from rice, pure spring water, and koji (yeast). Pair this with virtually anything – including sushi (obviously) – but also caviar, parmesan cheese, Chinese potstickers, Thai food, fish n’ chips…

Take the former Piper-Heidsieck Master Blender/Cellar Master, Régis Camus, and pair him up with the iconic sake brewery, Dassai (which just so happens to produce some of the world’s most sought-after sakes – that commands $600+ a bottle, easily), and you have a partnership made in HEAVEN! Crazy, utterly INSANE price. Seriously – you could walk into the MICHELIN-starred Sushi Nakazawa in New York City tonight and buy a bottle to go with your Chu Toro sashimi and pay $220 for this. Exact. Same. SAKE!! 

Nowhere near $220. Not even the $100 retail… or the $63 next-best-in-the-world price...we’re talking UNDER $40! For the full-size, 720mL bottle? Oh, yes! Made using only the finest Yamada Nishiki rice (the KING of sake rice), with the pristine local water of the Yamaguchi prefecture in southern Japan – this is ain’t no “sake bomb” all-you-can-eat sushi bar libation. This is elegant, round, and incredibly aromatic, with the sort of depth to make even the most perceptible Montrachet purist blush. Lychee, and rambutan, with mandarin orange, and delicate jasmine. Then muscat grapes, Sauternes-poached pears, apricots in syrup, and white raspberries – oh, MY!!! The way it rolls across your tongue! Creamy, silky, and ridiculously smooth – with a nicely drying sensation of clove, river rocks, and salted plums! This is a crazy long finish – and just a PERFECT balance of sweet fruits, floral aromatics, earthy spices, and cooling minerality. Dang…just, dang.

I probably should have led with this – we don’t have much! Trust your trusty wine scribe (who’s worked with some of the best Japanese chefs in the world over the years…ahem, humble brag…) THIS is a must-have. Get more than you think…you can’t beat this price! 96 POINTS!! UNDER FORTY DOLLARS!! While it lasts, good people!!!

This sake is beloved by socialites like Neil Patrick Harris, ASAP Rocky, Naomi Cambell, and Bella Hadid and is crafted by the decorated and renowned Champagne marker, Regis Camus.

Rice Polishing Ratio: 23-39%

Serving Temp: 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Technical Details

Country: Japan
Region: Honshu
Appellation: Chugoku
Varietal: Rice
Alcohol: 16

About The Producer

Eight-time IWC Winemaker of The Year, Regis Camus, set out for sake. Regis immersed himself in Japanese sake tradition, with his heart set on composing a unique sake that showcases the power of blending while honoring the heritage of Japanese sake-making. As a renowned chef de cave, assemblage is at the heart of Regis’s process. When applied to sake, the French blending technique results in rounder, balanced drinking, reminiscent of wine.

Pairing Suggestions

Parmigiano Reggiano, caviar    

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