Tassilo Gruner Veltliner Mautern Wachau 2021  - Last Bottle

Tassilo Gruner Veltliner Mautern Wachau 2021

ZAP! That's the word for this I-could-easily-drink-a-bottle-to-the-dome, crisp, fresh, joyous white vinous epiphany – WHAT A PRICE! Load up!! You will be drinking for the rest of spring and ALL summer long!! 91 POINTS...OVER 46% OFF...let’s go!!!

Now, grüner veltliner (think of it as a lean, meaner, and cleaner sauvignon blanc) is to Austria what BBQ brisket is to Texas, or what Spicoli is to 80s CA surf culture, or apple picking to the Northeast, Def Leppard to hair metal...you get the idea. Pure as the driven snow of the Alps, it is crystalline, clean, elegant, flawless, and a thrill for your tastebuds, ALWAYS. At this price – it’s a no-brainer for at least six bottles!

The legends at Weingut Müller are the wizards behind the curtain here – and this bottling doesn’t even exist outside of Europe. Seriously, nowhere to be found in all 50 states…we checked. Not much was made, and we snagged all that was earmarked for the entire country when we tried this last year in Germany. One shockingly cool sip of this fresh, mineral, tingly, and zingy Austrian white and you’ll understand why. All about the aromatic flowers here –  honeysuckle and star jasmine, a whiff of petrol, crunchy green apples, lime zest, chipped limestone, and a cool, salty breeze fresh off the Atlantic! ZING! Soul-satisfying, fiercely invigorating, I simply CANNOT STOP drinking this beauty! The world magically transforms into a better place when this is safe in your glass. We’ve tasted literally thousands of white wines – all to find this one perfect sipper to share with you today. (I’m keeping a case for myself, but still).

 Have this with salads, with asparagus (so good!) have this with yard work and honey-do lists, poolside, rock-climbing, paragliding...just HAVE THIS! Did you see the price?! GO, good people! 

The grapes come from our vineyards in the eastern Wachau. The soils of these vineyards are characterized by rich loess soils with a stony subsoil. This combination results in very fruity wines with a mineral component. The climate is influenced by the foothills of the Pannonian climate combined with the cold, nocturnal air currents from the northern Waldviertel. Light green-yellow, fine notes of green apple on the nose, very fruity on the palate with mineral components, a very aromatic Veltliner with finesse

Technical Details

Country: Austria
Region: Niederosterreich
Appellation: Wachau
Varietal: Gruner Veltliner
Winemaker: Weingut Muller
Alcohol: 12.50%

About The Producer

Our family winery is located on the Göttweiger Berg in the southern Kremstal. We produce white and red wines with clear fruit and finesse for pure drinking pleasure! Our region is very important to us, as is a sustainable economy!

Pairing Suggestions

This wine goes perfectly with Asian cuisine, such as spicy wok dishes or sushi.It also goes very well with light appetizers and salads.

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