Villa a Sesta Chianti Classico Il Palei 2017  - Last Bottle

Villa a Sesta Chianti Classico Il Palei 2017

Imagine...a 94 POINT, unimaginably delicious Chianti Classico – for less than a movie ticket and a small popcorn!!! Are you kidding me? All from a serene, picture-perfect village of just 12 (TWELVE!) full-time residents in the glorious rolling hills of the famed Chianti Classico region. Heaven, right? That’s what’s been bottled here...a generously warm, unctuous, and pure ichor of Tuscan ambrosia...just for you. At 50% OFF?!?! 

Oh my, break out the fava beans (but let’s stick with a classic calf’s liver, ok Hannibal?) ‘cause this is THE wine to serve at your next sit-down dinner. Throw it in a decanter (not because it needs it, but because it looks cool, and you deserve something extra…), and then watch the magic happen. Your guests will make approving, somewhat unintelligible commentary at first – “Mmmm”, “hey” and the like. Then, straight-up glowing praise, declarations of your hosting supremacy, and unmatched valor in all things good taste. It’s going to be fun!!!  

Let’s just say...if you love sangiovese, Brunello, Montalcino Rossos, etc...and you aren’t a buyer for this, at 94 POINTS to boot, and our jaw-dropping, utterly rad price, well, we might have to come over and take your temperature. THIS Villa a Sesta Il Palei 2017 is spectacular – so finely tuned, mid-weight, purring with robust flavor, silky with a core of deep dark cherry, seemingly impossible for a wine priced as we have it today. DANG!! I loaded up my truck…default dinner wine for at least HALF of 2024!! 

Classic and classy with tart, sweet cherry fruit, dried cherry, sweet-turned earth, and dusty French oak – super fresh, clean, and pure. Plums, sandalwood, and spiced berry compote too! 100% sangiovese from the most glorious hilltop village imaginable. We promise it will take you back to the Tuscany of your dreams (we can’t wait to be back)! Astoundingly delicious at any price…but for UNDER $16!?!? YOWZA...this is good! Perfect for your table all year long! Drink this with deep satisfaction the moment it arrives, we beg you. OK, we’re outta here, grab it while it lasts!!

The Villa a Sesta estate extends over 1,100 hectares, 50 of which planted to vine, dedicated to Sangiovese.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Appellation: Chianti Classico
Varietal: Sangiovese
Alcohol: 14.50%

About The Producer

Situated in one of Tuscany's most enchanting regions, the Tattoni Villa a Sesta farm resides in the heart of an ancient village in the Sienese hills. The estate lies within the Tuscan countryside, between the provinces of Siena, Arezzo, and Florence.

Pairing Suggestions


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