Amon-Ra by Ben Glaetzer Unfiltered Shiraz Barossa Valley Australia 2018  - Last Bottle

Amon-Ra by Ben Glaetzer Unfiltered Shiraz Barossa Valley Australia 2018

Shy? Retiring? Reticent? Bashful? Sheepish?


OK, for the rest of you, assuming you like riding 30-ft waves and heli-skiing, etc., DROP EVERYTHING, because we have a never-to-be-seen-again, planet-rocking, 98-POINT (Wine Advocate) hyper-rare offer today, one which, as we say, will NEVER be seen again in my lifetime, not anywhere NEAR this wicked price. A hardcore aficionado pick, a cellaring wine and a just….what are we even doing??!! AMON-RA!! Say it with us! Raaahhhh!

Got a few? Dope. This stuff is just off the chain. As Wine Advocate says: “a stupendous effort”...YUP. 100% badazz 50-130 year-old vine shiraz from the brilliant Barossa Valley and an Aussie “cult” from back in the day! Hardcores only need apply!

All that said, this wine, while skyscraper-sized, is so utterly full of POLISH. And balance, too, and intensity. All good things. Wildly delicious, ***gotta pour a bit more, excuse me ***

…sorry, I’m back. Boom!! Did I just walk into the Peet’s Coffee bean roastery headquarters? The heady scent of mocha-tinged coffee beans! The toasted nibs! The cassis-y, boysenberry extract, the anise and clove and sandalwood!! And wait! The incense and perfume! The gorgeous...just... PURPLENESS! Mmmmmm!! It’s sensory ecstasy. ALL THIS is wrapped up in silky, plush, warm texture and fine tannins...there’s also that matter of 98 POINTS - I mean, do you know how many 98-pointers are $300 and up?! 

Want to read a bit about the rockstar personality and winemaker that is Ben Glaetzer? Check it out. Will FLY outta here…happy Monday y’all!

Technical Details

Country: Australia
Region: South Australia
Appellation: Barossa Valley
Varietal: Syrah
Alcohol: 15%

About The Producer

Glaetzer Wines is a critically well-regarded wine producer based in Tanunda, in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia. It was founded in 1995 by Colin Glaetzer, and is now run by his son Ben, and best known for its red wines based largely on Shiraz, which display ripe, supple fruit, soft tannins, and a combination of ageability and approachability.

Pairing Suggestions

beef and venison

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