DAOU Vineyards Pinot Noir Solomon Hills Vineyard Santa Maria Valley 2019  - Last Bottle

DAOU Vineyards Pinot Noir Solomon Hills Vineyard Santa Maria Valley 2019

POW, pow…Let’s drink some DAOU!

Sunday FUNDAY! Consider this your *official warning*! We really don’t even have enough for a sleepy, slow Sunday, even. 94 POINTS, people! 

Oh man, what a Sunday! This winery was already a juggernaut in California…but once the sale went through – interest in the brand has never been higher. This is just a gorgeous, sumptuous, high-toned, drop-dead-stunning pinot noir that we pulled off in an 11th hour, Hail Mary miracle of a deal to bring this to you at a just cray-cray price! This price for a Solomon Hills superstar is coup that would make Brutus blush crimson! Got some yet? It’s flying fast, I promise!

Jam-packed with hibiscus, cherry blossoms, lavender, and tomato leaf...this packs a wallop before it ever passes your lips!  Spicy and tingly bright with bushels of red plums, baked clay, cherry extract, cedar, blood orange peel, licorice whips, pencil shavings, and…AND!!! A lingering sweet vanilla kiss send-off to tuck you to bed – this is velvety, and toasty without being heavy, nicely spiced and fresh from start to finish…if you need to understand the hype behind DAOU – look no further!

Just 10+ miles from the Pacific, in the western edge of the Santa Maria Valley – the Solomon Hills vineyard is a pinot icon of the Central Coast. Daniel Daou said this 2019 pinot is the BEST he’s ever made…and we got some!!! Hurry, hurry and you just might snag some for yourself! Who knows if we’ll be able to score such a deal again…so…while it lasts!!!

**So…what DOES one do in Phoenix on a Sunday in February?!?! Brunch? Spring training?**

Daniel Daou's journey into winemaking began as a distant dream, rooted in his upbringing in France but seemingly unattainable. However, his unwavering passion eventually led him to the slopes of DAOU Mountain, where he found the perfect terroir to fulfill his vision.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Central Coast
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard: Solomon Hills Vineyard
Winemaker: Daniel Daou
Alcohol: 14.2

About The Producer

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, Daniel set out to create wines that would rival the best in the world. Embracing innovative techniques and drawing from his deep understanding of viticulture, he crafted Bordeaux varietals of unparalleled intensity and character. Despite initial skepticism, Daniel's bold declaration to produce world-class cabernet in Paso Robles quickly gained recognition, earning him accolades and establishing the region as a contender in the realm of fine wines. Through his leadership and collaborative spirit, Daniel championed Paso Robles as a premier destination for cabernet and Bordeaux varietals, founding initiatives like the Paso Robles CAB Collective to elevate the region's profile. Today, Daniel's wines continue to captivate enthusiasts and critics alike, a testament to his enduring pursuit of excellence and his enduring legacy as a pioneer in the world of winemaking.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, veal, game, poultry

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