Jacopo Biondi Santi Castello di Montepò Cru 2019 (3-Pack Horizontal)  - Last Bottle

Jacopo Biondi Santi Castello di Montepò Cru 2019 (3-Pack Horizontal)

This 3-pack will include 1 bottle of each:

- Jacopo Biondi Santi Castello di Montepò Sangiovese Poggio Ferro Toscana 2019 (TP100)

- Jacopo Biondi Santi Castello di Montepò Cabernet Sauvignon Fontecanese Toscana 2019  (TP100)

- Jacopo Biondi Santi Castello di Montepò Sangiovese Maceone Toscana 2019 (TP98)

HALLELUJAH!!! Ever since the Biondi-Santi family sold their shares in their namesake Montalcino winery back in 2018 – perhaps the most storied winery in Italian history and THE FOUNDER of Brunello di Montalcino – we’ve been waiting for THIS! 100 POINTS, 100 POINTS AGAIN, and 98 POINTS! Two single-plot sangiovese, one single-plot cabernet sauvignon – and one HELL of a 1st release! Not since Thor touched down in Wakanda with Stormbreaker have I seen a greater entrance than this! First ever release on all three Crus, and you can only get it here from Last Bottle, USA peeps!

Ok – here’s what we call a LUCKY BREAK…we don’t normally get U.S. exclusive, FIRST RELEASE 3-packs like this…from one of the wine world’s GREATEST families, no less! We’re able to offer this out at $75 less than the winery’s retail price, which may not be our usual incredible discount – but seriously, to get ANY of this is simply so incredibly rare – we’re thrilled to be able to offer any savings at all! These will be released later on at $275 a bottle, and the release is so rare, so limited, that such a price will surely climb upwards through traders and retailers…quickly! This is history in the making, with GORGEOUS wines that will compete with ANY top estate’s flagships, ANYWHERE. Watch these prices skyrocket around the world over the next decade, and then you can come back and thank us! VERY LIMITED – just ONE three-pack per customer, so read quickly and make one yours STAT!

Seriously, don’t delay… I’ll leapfrog to some details on the three Crus, you can load up your cart and come back to read more about the estate and our visit (EASILY one of the highlights of my entire wine career – and those that know me, or have followed along…well, you KNOW what that means!).

Poggio Ferro – This Cru means “iron hill” for the brick red flysch soils where the grapes grow. It’s a stressful environment, with meager nutrients, exposed to the south where strong winds flow down from Montalcino through to the coast. 100% BBS11 sangiovese, loaded with a big, beautiful bouquet of violets, lavender, and hibiscus, plus juicy and tart red cherries, rhubarb, cranberry tea, red plums, grilled rosemary and thyme – with big, silky tannins, iron, slate, and a mineral edge…plus a finish that lasts for days! This might turn out to be the best sangiovese I’ve ever had, with the depth and power to last DECADES! 100 points and worth every, single, one (that’s rare!).

Fontacanesse – 100% cabernet sauvignon is incredibly rare for Italy, and this is just jaw-dropping! Big, flashy, but not oaky, and with a gorgeous balance and purity…you’ll be blown away! Powerful cherry kirsch notes, with blueberries, black plums, blackberries, cinnamon, Chinese 5 spice, and smoldering sage, plus hints of fennel and clove – so utterly complex, so fresh, this is a STUNNER! 100 points and an absolute MUST for any Cab-lover.

Maceone – This plot is on the opposite side of the estate from Poggio Ferro, with an east/west orientation, on clay marl soils leading to drastically different wines. The winemaking is the same, the clonal material and aging regiment the same, but this wine is richer, rounder, with a spicy, almost hedonistic depth, and a warm, savory character. Despite the same age of the vines (20-25 years old) as Poggio Ferro – these are the thicker and more developed of the two, and the wine showcases this exceptionally well. Dusty cherries, savory smoky notes, with dried flowers, and cassis, then heady notes of licorice, grilled herbs, new leather, mushrooms, and truffles, all with a salty, graphite finish, and a final note of roasting coffee beans. It’s immensely layered and just starting to open up…yet shows best after a long decant, and with the staying power of decades to come. This is the sleeper in the bunch – don’t be surprised if it ends up being your favorite.

Ok, grab yours yet? ‘Cause we’re not done sharing the glory of this estate. We just got back from Tuscany ourselves, stealing 36 hours from our Champagne travels just to visit Castello di Montepò…all to prepare for this singular moment. A glorious 11th-century castle, set high on a hill, overlooking a jaw-dropping 600-hectare estate, a little over 10 miles from the Mediterranean Sea, and just about 20 miles south of the family’s home of Montalcino. Jacopo Biondi Santi – at the helm of his family’s illustrious winery for decades – bought the Castello di Montepò in the early 80s, meticulously planting over 120 acres, mostly to his family’s completely unique and prized sangiovese BBS11 clone, with cabernet sauvignon and a small parcel of merlot as well. Unlike Montalcino today – Montepo is one of only a handful of producers in the region – and the region has little of the tourism and infrastructure enjoyed by wineries in Montalcino or Chianti Classico. When we arrived, they had been without power for nearly two weeks, with Jacopo telling us how he woke up at 3 am, freezing in the old, stone castle, and had to walk a jug of diesel several hundred meters away with a flashlight to refill the generator and restore heat (he’s in his 70s)! Later, over lunch, his son, Tancredi, who has led the day-to-day at the estate since 2017 (and is still bright and youthful from his weeks of cold showers), made a joke about the lack of infrastructure in Maremma compared to better-known Tuscan wine regions…to which Jacopo sagely replied, “Welcome to Montalcino 50 years ago.” It’s that EXACT idea that has us so enthralled with these wines and with this pioneering family’s intent on rewriting their own storied history. The potential of Maremma, specifically here in Scansano, is just being discovered, and when the founders of one of the world’s greatest estates in Italy’s most popular region tell you that THIS estate and THIS region could well be the next in line…you listen. 

We spent hours touring the vineyards ourselves, and the diversity of soils, the micro-climates, the vines – it is impossible not to be impressed. Throw on a magnificent ancient stone castle – that houses the winery, the cellar, and the residence of the Biondi-Santi family – overlooking all, and it truly doesn’t get better. They spent over 30 years farming this estate, making a series of exploratory wines, and conducting non-stop experiments both in the cellars and in the vineyards, to pinpoint these three Crus – the very best expressions of Castello di Montepò. It took three decades plus for this untapped land to flourish, and the undivided attention of Tancredi, Jacopo, and their team to fully understand what this land is…as well as what it can be. In my book, it is already one of the greatest estates in Italy – and it’s just getting started. 

We’re thrilled to kick things off for these wines in the USA – so grab yourself a three-pack and become a part of history! While they last!

The Biondi-Santi family is legendary – not just of Tuscany, or Italy, but in the entirety of the wine world. They were the very first producers of Brunello di Montalcino, and their Il Greppo estate is the benchmark for the region to this day. They recently shifted their focus to their new home of Castello di Montepò – an 11th-century fortification in Scansano, Maremma. This 600 hectare estate – and new home to their exclusive BBS11 sangiovese clone – is the next chapter in Italian wine.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Appellation: Tuscany
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard: Fontecanese
Aging/Cooperage: 24 Months in barrigues
Harvest Date: 26-Sep-19

About The Producer

Castello di Montepò was purchased in the 1980s, and meticulously planted by Jacopo Biond-Santi. Only about 10 miles from the Mediterranean Sea, and twenty miles south of Montalcino, this stunning property shares the famous galestro soils of Chianti, with a mixture of silt, and clay deposits that add diversity to the myriad blocks spread over 120+ acres of vineyards. Jacopo’s son, Tancredi, heads up the project today, guided by his father and a passion to create a new benchmark for Maremma. This is THE winery to watch in Tuscany.

Pairing Suggestions

All three of these will find a home with a classic Bistecca alla Fiorentina

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