Bodega Elías Mora Gran Elías Mora Toro 2015  - Last Bottle

Bodega Elías Mora Gran Elías Mora Toro 2015

Lordy, we are CHUFFED, to say the least, kvelling, and a bit chirky if we do say so.* Killer Spanish deal of the month!!

e-GADS. I had to triple-check this once again this morning, and being no kind of even vaguely mathematician-ish sorta guy, it does all appear in order, SO…

WHHAA?! How do we do it? 94 POINTS, $65 less than the rest of the world will pay for it, a producer known for dense, intense, and wildly concentrated reds from old-vines (this is 80+ year-old-vine Tinto de Toro!) that are not for the prone to fainting or palpitations. Nope, we’re talking blockbuster here, kids, Adrock-screaming in-the-middle-of-Sabotage-level (at about 1:52 in) roars at a simply UNHEARD-OF price, man, I SWEAR we made a mistake somewhere…

Gran Elias Mora is a very personal wine for winemaker Victoria Benavides, so we’re told. Every Christmas holiday, when the new vintage is safely in tank/barrel, the staff is on vacation and the winery is quiet, she tastes through the previous vintage’s barrels. Gran Elias Mora is produced from a selection of those barrels. For the 2015, we are talking LONG-LIVED, serious, pretty grippy style that HOLDS. ON. Elias has had a string of great scores over the years and this continues that trend - we CAN say it starts out rip-roaring and “gains weight” as we say in da wine biz, with a little time in the glass, getting richer and rounder and just seriously delicious.

Spanish goodness at its finest, really, and the most utterly amazing price in the galaxy. Wish we had more!

*Gruntled, too.

"Gran Elias Mora is my personal wine. It comes from a single plot that the retired people from the village showed me in 2000. We bottle Gran Elias Mora only the best vintages and after my selection of the best barrels." — Victoria Benavides, winemaker

Technical Details

Country: Spain
Region: Castilla y Leon
Appellation: Toro
Varietal: Tempranillo
Farming: Practicing Organic
Aging/Cooperage: Aged for 17 months in French oak barrels, 100% new, this is a selection of the most concentrated and balanced lots
Alcohol: 15.00%

About The Producer

This Bodega, situated in the famous village of San Roman de Hornija, was founded in 2000 by winemaker Victoria Benavides. The winery is named after the former owner of the vineyard, Elias Mora. The winery owns 16 hectares of vineyards and controls farming and harvest in a total of 70 hectares. Each of the dozens of plots are meticulously managed accounting for soil variation and vine age. The vines are planted in clay and limestone rich soils with abundant, large, surface stones. The arid, warm climate naturally limits production and produces concentrated grapes. Vines are trained in the traditional vaso or goblet shape, which yields ideal results but requires extra work, by hand, for harvest and pruning. Some of their best grapes are grown in the Senda de Lobo area which has 80+ year old vines. The philosophy of the winery revolves around combining a respect for tradition and modern technology. Victoria focuses exclusively on Tinta de Toro the native clone of Tempranillo which has been grown locally, with no exposure to phylloxera, for over 2000 years. The wines are only ever in contact with natural products; oak, glass, natural cork. Finally she seeks to respect vintage conditions knowing that each year will offer different qualities in the finished wine.

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