Pursuit Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2020 (Magnum 1.5L)  - Last Bottle

Pursuit Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2020 (Magnum 1.5L)

The END is HERE!!! Repent (or not) and REJOICE on the glorious wines, the unbeatable prices, and the incredible pedigree that is now infused into the heart of your wine collection! Hope you had as much fun as we did – everything’s getting packed up from our West Coast warehouse soon, so keep the faith, good people! Let’s end it all with a bang, shall we?

MAGNUMS! The perfect goodbye! When, I say WHEN have you ever seen MAGNUMS of Russian River Pinot Noir, crafted by THREE 100 point winemakers, for sale UNDER $40?! I daresay…never. And maybe, never again! This is our cherry on top, Rachmaninov’s third, Wu-Tang’s Triumph, and Heath’s Joker…it simply doesn’t get any better! Same classic wine – with the deep cherry cola, the spicy, earthy sasparilla, the flood of berries, and floral accents, the wild forest sensations…but you know, BIGGER. Don’t be shy with these baddies – they will continue to impress for years!

What. A. MONDAY! Peace, y’all!!

** All orders will be shipped from our West Coast warehouse, so give it a little time, East Coasters! **

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Sonoma County
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Winemaker: Matt Sands
Aging/Cooperage: 10 months in French oak (35% new oak).
Harvest Date: August 15th through August 24th, 2020
Alcohol: 13.5
Production: 750

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