Domaine Poli Ile de Beaute Sciaccarellu-Nielluccio Rose 2018  - Last Bottle

Domaine Poli Ile de Beaute Sciaccarellu-Nielluccio Rose 2018

Think you love Provence rose? Well, you do. But if you remember how utterly MAD you and everyone on our mailing list went for this gem of a find, you’ll remember you love Corsica, too! Terrifically complex, I-could-drink-a-gallon-of-this, lovely, SERIOUS rose from Domaine Poli WILL rearrange your reality of what lip-smacking, deeply satisfying rose is!! Plus, it's hella-easy at this price!!

The island of Corsica is making INCREDIBLE wines (just ask a sommelier, it’s on all the hip wine lists) -- whites and roses that rock your palate to action and make your debit card balance smile. Our third time offering Poli -- what an incredibly delicious find (last year we sold out in record time). This is so aromatic you could put a dab behind your ears --- LAVENDER! Wild wind-blown lavender, with dried strawberry, rosemary, grapefruit, very juicy, ultra-fresh and terrifyingly easy to drink ---- cool and racy and, did I say juicy? - Oh man!! So fresh and piquant --- just... MMMM! Corsica...that’s next on our bucket list (seriously, check out these 10 beaches…) Wow!! Crazy-delicious, and at this price it’s a HUGE no-brainer ---- we all got our cases!!! 

We bought more than last year, but still...while it lasts…!

Niellucciu: Penetratingly pungent herbal scents including thyme and lavender link up with white peach and pink grapefruit on a luscious and refreshingly juicy palate, leading to a long finish replete with reprises of the high-toned and pungent herbal essences that already lent the nose such striking distinction.

Sciaccarellu: Clean aromas of wheat straw, gingerbread, honeysuckle flower, slate and melon. Light on the palate, very elegant with nice presence and very precise flavors of mineral-laced melon, peach and berry fruit, with hints of saline bitterness and spice. Vibrant acid, gaining texture on the finish.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Corsica
Blend: Niellucciu 30% and Sciaccarellu 70%
Varietal: Sciaccarellu Blend
Winemaker: Eric Poli
Aging/Cooperage: Saignee method, pressurage, malolactic fermentation between 25° et 28° for 10 days.
Alcohol: 12.0%

About The Producer

In 2005, Eric Poli bought 7.4 acres of old-vine Niellucciu and Vermentino in the heart of Patrimonio, the oldest and arguably best appellation on this mountainous Mediterranean island. He also bought 108 acres outside of Linguizzetta, his hometown on the east coast of the island.

Today, Eric Poli  manages Clos Alivu’s 11.7 acres, the 86.5 acres of his wife’s family estate (Clos Teddi), and the 108 acres of IGP Île de Beauté grapes he planted ten years ago near his family’s estate. Eric makes the wines for all three brands.

The maritime influences of this Mediterranean paradise allow Eric to farm his vines organically (though without certification). Niellucciu, genetically linked to Sangiovese, thrives on this island, and when yields are limited, results in wines with more freshness and finesse than those made from its Tuscan cousin. Corsica’s secondary red cépage, Sciaccarellu, is the descendant of another Tuscan variety, Mammolo, which was likely introduced while the island was under control of the Republic of Pisa (1077-1284). Primarily a blending grape for red wines, it can result in high-toned, floral and fruity rosés on its own.

Pairing Suggestions

White sauce pasta, apple pie, roasted almonds.

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