Bertani Bertarose Rose Verona 2017  - Last Bottle

Bertani Bertarose Rose Verona 2017

Warning: no matter how much of this grey-matter-expanding, serotonin-flooding, wine-market-exploding uber-deal that you buy, you WILL run out of it 3-4 times faster than you anticipated. At this jaw-dropping price, however, for a classic rose producer like Bertani, you won’t even trip about it -- so get AS MUCH as you can for rapid consumption all summer long. $10!! How is it even possible!!!?

Anyway, WHEW!! Hey, we gotta give ya the straight dope -- this is an outrageous buy. So, you ask, whattsup wit dis? Bertarosé from Bertani (near Verona) has been produced since the 30s (!), and the winery was founded in 1857. If you’ve ever been to northern Italy, the vineyards are inland from the lovely Lake Garda.

** Did you get some? Cool. It’s going to FLY fly fly out of here....

Back to the wine --- marvelous, clean, pure, cool-drink-of-water, hyper-refreshing goodness is what this is -- a wine that, a bit harrowingly, actually, can be drunk with utter disdain for common sense. A quaffer of the finest order, it sings its light, lilting pomegranates, cranberry and wildflower notes straight to your taste buds. Crisp, fresh and brisk, there’s good balance and (as ever!), easy-drinking deliciousness. What else can we say? It’s a STEAL on a fine rosé, period!!

Get some before it disappears forever...

Bertarose is a historic Bertani wine produced since the 1930s; today it has been given a modern makeover in order to bring out the fresh and pleasant features much sought after in a rosé. The excellent microclimate in the inland hills of Lake Garda, combined with an expert use of the variety and rigorous care in the vineyard, produces this fresh and well-balanced rosé.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Appellation: Veneto
Varietal: Red Blends
Aging/Cooperage: The two varieties are vinified separately, using an innovative on-the-skins fermentation for the Molinara and off-the-skins fermentation for the Merlot. Once fermentation is finished, the two wines are blended and then aged in stainless steel tanks for about three months on the lees at the end of fermentation.
Harvest Date: The harvest is done at the end of September.
Alcohol: 12%

About The Producer

With over 200 hectares of vineyards in the most suitable areas of the Verona province, today Bertani is a solid winery with a constantly increasing distribution in Europe and the rest of the world. There are two historic wineries, one in Grezzana, the current base and pulsing heart of the company, where vinification, bottling and shipment are carried out, and Tenuta Novare in Arbizzano di Negrar, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, the cradle of great reds like Amarone and Valpolicella Classico Superiore.

As an icon of Italian wine in the world, Bertani combines typicity of native grape varieties with continuous improvement in the vineyards and attention to the terroir. 

Pairing Suggestions

Perfect as an aperitif, it also goes well with salads, delicate-flavored pasta dishes and white meat.

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