Ol?© & Obrigado Tinto Xisto Cru Douro 2015  - Last Bottle

Ol?© & Obrigado Tinto Xisto Cru Douro 2015

Cutting to the chase: Xisto makes one of the greatest, most dead-serious DRY Portoguese reds ever made --- hardcores only need apply -- 95 POINTS Wine Advocate, killer price! A truly spellbinding wine from 80-year old vines!! Amazing to have any at all, really --- but wait until you get this in your mouth --- holy wow. The savviest of you may remember we sold the WHITE Xisto a year or two ago --- if you tasted it drank it, you KNOW the level of awesomeness this producer can achieve.

You saw that price??? How is it even possible? Direct importing is how -- anyway, back to the blockbuster, skyscraper-sized sex bomb that is this wine made from a “field blend”, is all luxurified in French oak, and POPS with redolent raspberry liqueur, fresh-baked cherry pie, rich earthy notes, toasty wood, mineral, smoke and deep, long spices. WOW!! A modest 12.5% alcohol, too, and a good line of acidity to back up all the richness.

Amazing stuff and simply outrageous at this price -- for WA95?? C’mon!! A very cool find that simply knocked us out -- and a very fine bottle for the cellar or something unique to introduce yourself (and your geeky wine buds) to. While it lasts…!

After a decade as winemaker at Niepoort, where he was responsible for some of the best known and highly rated wines to come out of the famed Douro and Porto producer, Luis Seabra decided that he no longer wanted to make wines to someone else’s tastes and specifications. Thus, he began his eponymous winery, and set about shattering preconceptions of what Douro wines represent.

Technical Details

Country: Portugal
Region: Douro
Appellation: Douro
Varietal: Red Blends
Winemaker: Luis Seabra
Farming: Sustainable
Aging/Cooperage: 22 months in used French oak
Alcohol: 13%
Production: 511 (3 packs)

About The Producer

The Xisto Cru Tinto is one of a series of wines that Luis makes that exemplify and express the intensely terroir-driven style in which he operates. He is a particularly gifted winemaker, one who sees wine as a medium through which a piece of land can speak. “Cru” translates as “raw” in Portuguese, and the transmission of terroir here is unadulterated and singular. This series of wines is one in which he removes every variable but that of the land itself, and the stark expression of the soil that results is extraordinary. He works exclusively with spontaneous fermentation, native yeasts, and large format tight-grained oak for all the wines in this series.

Pairing Suggestions

Thinly sliced Iberico ham.

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