Lightning Red Cease & Desist California 2015  - Last Bottle

Lightning Red Cease & Desist California 2015

#5 in our mini-marathon! If our accountant was annoyed with us now, she hasn’t seen anything yet!

This is nuts -- but we’re just getting rolling -- do you know how much crazy wine is in this crazy warehouse?? We lucked into a tiny batch of this super-tasty little beauty at an eye-popping OVER 60% OFF, a rich and savory Chateauneuf-du-Pape-styled blend from a winemaker with a SERIOUS resume! Ludicrously well-priced today…

Proprietor/winemaker Randy Hester started his career at Cakebread Cellars, and also had the good fortune to work with many highly acclaimed winemakers such as Andy Erickson, Michel Rolland, Mike Hirby, and Helen Keplinger, at various distinguished producers including Colgin, Caldwell, Realm, and Marciano (these all pretty much roll well in the 3-digit and up category…!).

A tongue-in-cheek reference to a narrowly avoided litigious moment in Lightning Wines’ history, we thought this was simply a knockout with a big, soaring, savory, meaty nose of dark, voluptuous fruit, strawberry, roasted spices, teriyaki, toast and earth, and relatively light on its feet for such a flavor-packed wine. For $15??? 60% OFF? As my Dad used to say…"don’t blink, or you’ll miss it…" Not a lot of this one!!

A tongue-in-cheek reference to a narrowly avoided litigious moment in Lightning Wines’ history, Cease & Desist is a robust California red blend. Built around a base of Grenache, along with small amounts of Mourvedre, Cinsault, Counoise, and Syrah, this wine is all about ripeness and texture. A clear and brilliant crimson color, our 2015 Cease & Desist fills the glass with aromas of salt, herbs, meat, and fat. Rich and savory familiar flavors of ripe forest fruit and fresh earth lead to a persistent, mineral finish. An exercise in contrast and balance, this wine is muscular and wild, yet light on its feet, while retaining the elegance and subtlety that is the hallmark of our wines.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: California
Blend: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Counoise, and Syrah
Varietal: Grenache, Red Blends
Alcohol: 14.80%
Production: 10 barrels

About The Producer

It is immensely gratifying making these wines and sharing them with friends, family, and people we have yet to meet. Our incredible fruit sources are spread throughout Northern California and are tended to by some of the industry’s best growers. Rhone-inspired and made from the heart, our wines were born of pure passion and an ambitious dream – make wines as exciting to talk about as they are delicious to drink. Our wines end up on dinner tables and back patios all over the country, enhancing those good times being had, and that’s why we do it.

Pairing Suggestions

Grilled, stewed and braised meats like beef, veal, pork, chicken and lamb.

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