Heart's Needle Riesling Old Vine Mendocino 2016  - Last Bottle

Heart's Needle Riesling Old Vine Mendocino 2016

#2!! A rarity, a staggering find, a wine you will ONLY, EVER see here at good ol’ Last Bottle, a wine NEVER-RELEASED by none other than Thomas Rivers Brown. Originally intended to be a new brand (the name comes from a W.D. Snodgrass poem), complimentary to his coveted Rivers-Marie brand, it was eventually abandoned, yet the wonderful wines remained --- like this STELLAR, almost-50% OFF, OLD-VINE (over 40 years old!!) Riesling from Mendocino County. And WE found it.

The wine is ridiculously, absurdly, terrifyingly easy to drink -- light, lifted, with a gorgeous freshness that begs to be enjoyed right away. Not sweet, but fruity and lively, with a little weight just to keep your mind distracted while your mouth has a big, huge party going on. Orange blossoms, crisp peaches, slate and intriguing spice, it’s hyper-fresh and we DEMAND that you drink it with some killer Thai food right away. We are!!

A crazy find and a no-brainer while it lasts…!

Stated by the Wall Street Journal -

No, You Can’t Become a Winemaker Overnight.

Like creating a good wine, becoming a winemaker takes time, talent and a little luck.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Mendocino County
Varietal: Riesling
Winemaker: Thomas Rivers Brown
Alcohol: 13.20%

About The Producer

“You can’t just take a bunch of stuff and shove it all in one year,” said Mr. Brown. “We make a joke that if only there were 10 harvests a year, we could get really good at this really fast.”

And, for Mr. Thomas Rivers Brown.  In the past 15 years he has made more than 25 wines that have received perfect scores from Robert Parker or the Spectator. (He’s not sure of the exact number, which seems in character for this laid-back Southerner.)

Pairing Suggestions

Try Riesling with poultry, pork, and fish

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