Westwood Annadel Gap Vineyard Syrah 2014  - Last Bottle

Westwood Annadel Gap Vineyard Syrah 2014

“I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” -- Ferdinand Porsche

Arguably, this is exactly what owner Carl Stanton did with Westwood. 95 POINTS! Also…consultant David Ramey! You’ve heard us call him the “grape whisperer” and “the winemaker's winemaker” and boy, can you taste it here. This 95-POINT, biodynamically grown Syrah from the Annadel Gap vineyard in Sonoma is KICKING! THE PRICE, too, is the best you’ll ever see BY FAR...c’mon! 50% OFF!  

The legendary Philippe Melka is actually the current winemaker, but David consulted on this vintage. And it is a LEVIATHAN, a wildly complex and crazy-delicious wine...WOW!! David is a master with his own Syrahs, of course (Google HIS scores!) and you can taste it here. MY GOD, can you! Leather, blackberry liqueur, citrus, smoke, perfume, incense. And that’s just the beginning!! This will morph and develop in your glass, you can practically watch it happen. Deep and long and layered, it is simply NUTTY to see a wine like this priced anything like we have it.

Only one bummer! There’s not a lot! While it lasts…!

Intense aromas of blue/black forest fruits, herbs and spices. A blend of all 4 Syrah clones on the Estate property, this is a distinctly fruit forward, structured, aromatic selection, juicy, precise, dark berry
compote with weight; finishes with silkiness and superb lift.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Sonoma County
Varietal: Syrah
Vineyard: Annadel Gap Vineyard
Winemaker: David Ramey
Aging/Cooperage: 100% French Oak; 30-45% new
Harvest Date: September 14-16
Alcohol: 14.50%
PH: 3.6
TA: 5.6g/100mLs

About The Producer

Our goal since first planting in 2002 was to preserve the authenticity of the site. We have adopted organic and biodynamic viticulture practices, including low-impact, sustainable, ecosystem-friendly farming at our Estate vineyard. In our perspective, the most important thing is not higher yields, but rather bio-diversity of site and soil and the quality of vines.

At its most basic, the biodynamic approach to grape-growing sees the vineyard as an ecological whole, an organism in its own right, and the other flora and fauna in the area, growing together interdependently.

The focus and attention of our winegrowing team, ensures the preservation and stewardship of our vineyard site.

Pairing Suggestions

Roasted dry-aged prime beef

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