Wind Gap Syrah Sonoma Coast 2014  - Last Bottle

Wind Gap Syrah Sonoma Coast 2014

Wind Gap is everywhere these days (but not at prices like this!!), because ex-owner PAX MAHLE has sold it and moved on.  91-POINT Syrah!! Woot!!

*** VERY little to go around today. We WILL sell out.  ***

BIG, bold, in your face Syrah from none other than Pax Mahle (yes, the guy who just scored 100 points for his $50 Sonoma Hillside bottling under the Pax label) that is made in a drink-me-now-with-gusto style. Bright, perfumey and juicy, this isn’t real heavy or meaty at all, just a warm, friendly, lovely, MIND-BLOWING DEAL if we have EVER seen one. Pax and his wines are all the buzz these days, so it’s particularly thrilling for us to have a little (little!) parcel to sell. PLEASE don’t miss! WILL sell out in the blink of an eye!

The addition of the Solas Vineyard (Previously called Walker Vine
Hill) and The Timbervine Ranch have given this wine more fruit and
charm while retaining that spicy and savory Wind Gap cool climate
kick that we all love so much.

Supple aromas of fresh blackberries, earth, black olives,
blueberries and a toasty baked bread quality
highlight the inviting aromas of this Syrah. Lots of
fruit on the palate, but the wine is framed with
chewy tannins fresh acidity and bucket loads of spicy
earth aromas. The addition of the Solas Vineyard has
created a Sonoma Coast Syrah that is more ready to
drink on release than any of our previous versions.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Sonoma County
Varietal: Syrah
Vineyard: 30% Solas Vineyard – Alban Clone 1/877/470
Aging/Cooperage: 100% Aged in neutral French Oak Barrels
Alcohol: 12.60%
PH: 3.75

About The Producer

Named after the forces of nature that shape the wines, Wind Gap Wines was established in 2006 with a tiny release that included a wild skin-fermented Pinot Gris, a savory Sonoma Coast Syrah and a zesty coastal Chardonnay that drinks beautifully to this day. Seeking out vineyard sites impacted by coastal wind gaps, the focus is to bottle classically styled wines. 


Wind gaps are breaks in coastal ridgelines that draw fog and cool ocean air inland. California features six such wind gaps, hosting a variety of coastal vineyard sites. These sites are ideal for producing provocative wines that are focused and fresh, with low alcohol content and high drinkability. We source much of our fruit from the Sonoma Coast and Petaluma Wind Gap, as well as vineyards all along the coast of California.


All our wines are foot-stomped and fermented using natural yeasts. Foot crushing is an imperfect process that contributes complexity and depth of flavor, while ensuring that our whole-cluster fermentations are crushed gently while keeping the stems intact.

We allow for the natural yeasts that ride in from each vineyard site on the skin of the grapes and that fly around our winery to ferment our wines. Most likely each vineyard has it's own diverse yeast populations, resulting in a complex cocktail of yeast varieties that we hope makes every wine we produce a complete and unique experience.

Pairing Suggestions

BBQ, braised beef, cheese, lamb.

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