Domaines Bernard Magrez Her?®ncia del Padr?? Priorat 2016  - Last Bottle

Domaines Bernard Magrez Her?®ncia del Padr?? Priorat 2016

Take my breath awaaaaay….

Actually we’d rather sit through the entire Golden Globes than listen to that song, but….dang!! Happy hella-wowsers Monday!! 92 POINTS, Bernard Magrez (he of Bordeaux rockstar Chateau Pape-Clement no less, and many other Chateaux and super high-end wineries all over the world), a killer old-vine vineyard and a heart-stoppingly drink-o-licious price!! WOO!!

Can you say QUAFFABLE? Heck ya, you can --- this mostly old-vine Grenache/Carignan blend is bright and flavor-packed, with roses and raspberries and cocoa powder cranking out the flavor profile. Absolutely astounding to have snagged a parcel of this at fifteen bucks. $15! Hailing from a rugged, terraced, and crazily steep vineyard called Herencia del Padri in the Priorat area of Spain, this cool little find was aged one year in French oak barrels instead of the normal American oak and is wildly drinkable now, but should hold a few years easily too! 

Alas --- one caveat…..very little to go around! 92 pointers priced like this are few and far between...while it lasts…!

In Priorat, the wines are big and bold and the vineyards are steep and rugged. The prices are normally quite high as well, but with Mr. Magrez at the helm we get a chance to experience the region at a fraction of what you'd expect to pay.

Technical Details

Country: Spain
Region: Catalunya
Appellation: Priorat
Blend: Grenache, Carignan, Cabernet Sauvignon
Varietal: Grenache, Red blends
Vineyard: 30 year old vines, gobelet and cordon de royat pruning
Aging/Cooperage: One year old barrels
Alcohol: 15%

About The Producer

Today's wine carries the clout of Bernard Magrez, the Bordeaux winemaking force behind Pape Clement, Tour Carnet, and Fombrauge to name just a few. His wines consistently reap huge scores and lavish praise from critics and consumers.

While Bordeaux is his stomping grounds, Magrez produces wines from some of the 40 vineyards he owns around the world, and today's offering comes straight from Priorat. A rugged, mountainous region in Spain where the vines are terraced on seemingly impossible to farm, absurdly steep slopes. This unique terroir yields powerful, age-worthy wines. 

Herencia del Padri 2016 is a blend of the main red varietals, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, Grenach and Carignan and it shows the lush, modern leaning style Magrez is known for.

Pairing Suggestions

Braised shortribs, burgers (these Umami burgers with stilton), rack of lamb and strong cheeses

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