Bodegas Patrocinio Sancho Garces Tempranillo Crianza Rioja Alta 2015  - Last Bottle

Bodegas Patrocinio Sancho Garces Tempranillo Crianza Rioja Alta 2015

We are ALWAYS on the hunt for the perfect, drink-me-all-the-time,
mouth-wateringly extra-yum red, and man, after months of trying to lock
this one down, we FINALLY made it happen!! 91 POINTS, twelve, count ‘em,
12 BUCKS!! Wicked!!

Hailing from a tiny village of 967 residents in the heart of the Rioja Alta, this chocolatey, rich, yet palate-zippingly fresh Tempranillo is our new favorite go-to (we all got our cases! One of the perks of working here!). $12?? Hey, mama didn’t raise no dummies! 

It was so hard to get this
deal, we’re reluctant to keep blathering on about it, as there is not a
lot to be had. 91 points! We’d go a bit higher actually, ooops, sorry
there we go again. Just snag it while it’s in our warehouse!!

"At Bodegas Patrocinio, as a cooperative, we have a huge responsibility to our families, our town, La Rioja, and Spanish wine in general."

Technical Details

Country: Spain
Region: La Rioja
Appellation: Rioja
Varietal: Tempranillo
Aging/Cooperage: Aged in American oak barrels for 12 months and rounded in the bottle for an additional 6 months
Alcohol: 14.50%

About The Producer

"Bodegas Patrocinio winery is the driving force behind Uruñuela, a town of 967 residents uniquely positioned in the heart of the Rioja Alta. We started out as 200 grape growers with small vineyards in Uruñuela, who in 1985 decided to join forces to produce and market our own wines. This marked the birth of our exemplary cooperative, Bodegas Patrocinio.

We are situated in a unique environment. Producing wines in the Qualified Designation of Origin (DOCa) Rioja entails a commitment to quality and enormous respect for its years of tradition and prestige. La Rioja is a symbol of Spanish gastronomic culture and we seek to keep it that way."

Pairing Suggestions

Legumes, rice, stews, patés, cold meats and cheeses

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