Tenuta Carretta Bric Paradiso Riserva Roero 2012  - Last Bottle

Tenuta Carretta Bric Paradiso Riserva Roero 2012

Shelly R., from Maine, wrote in and asked: “How do you get these amazing deals on great, classic Italian producers? It simply boggles the mind.”

Shelly -- first off, when can we come visit? And eat lobster? We’ll bring some great whites and some Beastie Boys deep cuts for the party. Second, the answer is that finding jaw-dropping wines and then cutting deals on them is our superpower. Bitten by a radioactive mosquito while sipping a Sancerre, to be frank, back in early 2011. So there you go. Thanks for your patronage!

…and here is a fine example of our superpowers at work!! OH YES. A mind-bendingly low price on a classic Riserva Nebbiolo from the historic Tenuta Carretta called “Bric Paradiso”, from the excellent 2012 vintage! 

Basically a “baby Barolo”, this wine is just one of the most satisfying and splendidly well-done we have had in some time. The price we seem to have managed...brings a tear to the eye (you saw that, right??!!). We really could drink this for lunch every day. The gorgeous nose and palate of dried roses, dried cherry, violets, earthy spices, herbs and tea will just get your juices going right away, we promise, and the solid structure of 2012 makes it a good one for the cellar, too. $29!! C’mon!! We promise you will be impressed with its complexity, length and savory goodness. 18 months in oak and 3 years in bottle! NOT A LOT, though -- while it lasts…!

Bric Paradiso is the name of the vineyard of nebbiolo that is part of Tenuta quoted in the documents from 1878. The wine expresses all the typical characteristics of Roero: elegance and drinkability.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Appellation: Roero
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Aging/Cooperage: Minimum 18 months in barrel and 12 months in bottle
Alcohol: 14%

About The Producer

Tenuta Carretta is in Piobesi d’Alba, Roero, a hilly area north of the City of Alba and on the left bank of the Tanaro River. This is where the headquarters are situated, surrounded by just under 35 hectares of vineyards. To the south of the river lies the hills of the Langhe, where the other 35 hectares of vineyards are located, for a total of 70 hectares.

Tenuta Carretta is a winery embedded in a fascinating and evocative environment, but above all it is a winery made of people. People who collaborate together for the achievement of a single, shared objective: produce high-quality and important wines that are pleasant and enjoyable to drink. The propety is owned by the Miroglio family: Edoardo and his wife, Ivana, who is the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, and their children Marta and Franco. 

Pairing Suggestions

Pairs well with fresh burrata, prime rib, and dishes with tomato-based sauces! 

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