Tor Syrah Rogers La Herradura Vineyard Napa Valley 2014  - Last Bottle

Tor Syrah Rogers La Herradura Vineyard Napa Valley 2014

Isn’t life great? Here you are, sprawled on the couch, belly full, contemplating another glass of wine...oh sorry, that’s us!! Well, we hope you’re doing the same. Because…WOW!! TOR SYRAH! Can you say SAVORY, blockbuster, single-vineyard goodness? At the best price you will EVER see? Woo hoo!!

The savviest of you will already be all OVER this one -- for the uninitiated, this is made by the crazy-talented Jeff Ames (he makes dozens of high-scoring wines for TOR for other clients) and his own project called Rudius. Jeff trained under the esteemed Thomas Rivers Brown and the winemaking style is comparable -- LUSH! Dark! Rich! Sexy!

This beautiful 2014 (the price, c’mon!) is a knockout -- like diving into a warm, fresh-baked blackberry pie --- but that is just the beginning. Black cherry, smoky teriyaki, toasted peppercorn and cigar box…wow! Completely blew us away earlier today and this will age, least another 5 years, but really, at our price, why wait?! DRINK IT!

………oh, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Napa Valley!

Over the last four decades, I’ve walked almost every corner of the Napa Valley striving to understand exactly what makes a great wine. When I founded TOR Wines, the plan was simple. Our wines would come from only the best blocks in great vineyard sites I knew and revered.
–Tor Kenward

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Napa Valley
Varietal: Syrah
Vineyard: La Herradura Vineyard
Winemaker: Jeff Ames
Alcohol: 14.7
Production: 300

About The Producer

We make great wines simply because we love making them. Wine is irresistible, it is fun, and it is about sharing passion, good fortune and community.  TOR exists today because of the relationships we’ve cultivated over decades with mentors, grapegrowers and friends. This is indisputable: Tor knows a great vineyard. Less is always more when it comes to bottling some of the best grapes on the planet. In the tussle between the will of nature and the winemaker – our work is staying out of the way.

We focus on single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines, cuvées and Bordeaux varietals—each wine is handmade and bottled in a very small quantity. Our secret is to stay out of the way, not to manipulate—preserve a place in time, capture it in a bottle.

The TOR winemaking team has been together since the beginning. Jeff Ames is winemaker, and we share a simple rule— the vineyard is what we showcase, not a heavy winemaker’s hand. Each wine is nurtured to bottle unfiltered and unfined.

Enjoy 'Behind the “T”  Chapters by Tor Kenward' here:

Pairing Suggestions

Pork, lamb, and veggie dishes.

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