Chateau Bois Pertuis Recolte Bordeaux 2016  - Last Bottle

Chateau Bois Pertuis Recolte Bordeaux 2016

“It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.” -- Aesop

So…BUY A CASE!! $12 92-POINT BORDEAUX!! It is ON!! Wow!

Go to Costco, go to Total Wine, go to BevMo, heck, go to shipping factored in, we simply think you cannot find a better deal. Anywhere. Hey, we were as blown away as anyone when we cut this deal --- you’ve got the KILLER-DILLER 2016 vintage in Bordeaux, a lovely Chateau making Pomerol/St. Emilion styled wine, and a rocking price. As we say in the biz: “Case me!”

Chateau Bois Pertuis is located in St. Christophe de Double, near the Double forest, famous for its merrain oaks, used in barrel making, and the estate stretches over a terroir 20 km north of Saint-Emilion. This was a huge standout at our most recent Bordeaux visit -- which may or may not have been 2 days of epic 40-50 wine tastings twice a day and the Cuban bar there after dinner, but we didn’t think we’d get such a wicked price! Anyway, what’s it like, you ask!? WELL…James Suckling sums it up pretty much as we would…”rich and juicy red with plum and dark-berry character. Lots of hazelnuts and spices, too. Full to medium body, round and velvety tannins and a flavorful finish.”

INDEED! It’s silky soft and generous, just hits all the major sweet spots for an “everyday” red (yes, we think Bordeaux should be an “everyday” wine, how about you?!!). Well, now it can. Amazing! But it will not last long!! Be lucky enough to get the Last Bottle and get your $50 credit!!

The wine has a deep garnet colour, aromas of ripe berry fruits and vanilla, a smooth palate texture and long finish.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Appellation: Bordeaux
Varietal: Bordeaux Blends
Vineyard: Château Bois Pertuis
Winemaker: Vincent Cachau
Aging/Cooperage: Matured in oak barrels to add suppleness to the palate texture
Alcohol: 14%

About The Producer

Château Bois Pertuis is located in St Christophe de Double, near the Double forest, famous for its merrain oaks, used in barrel making. This estate stretches over a terroir 20 km north of Saint-Emilion. Formerly known as “Les Hauts de Saint Emilion” this region has a long tradition of wine-growing. The terroir of Château Bois Pertuis is made up of gravel and sand which brings finesse, and clay for richness. Château Bois Pertuis produces a red Bordeaux wine that is well balanced and round. The blending of the noble varieties, mostly Merlot, results in a very fine wine, close to those of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. The wine is made using traditional Bordeaux processes and then more modern ageing methods set in place in a recently built, state of the art vinifying cellar. Yields are controlled to obtain the right balance and concentration. Finally, particular importance is attached to harvesting when the grapes are fully ripe. It is this expertise which gives Château Bois Pertuis its elegance and its grandeur.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Veal, Game (Deer, Venison), Poultry

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