Toro Albala Don PX Seleccion 1965  - Last Bottle

Toro Albala Don PX Seleccion 1965

Epiphany - a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something; an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure

The emails! The calls! The letters! So many of you had your wine epiphany on this last year that we went back to Spain, back to the deep, dark cellars and grabbed a tiny bit more of this revelatory wine!! Incredible.

Yeah. That’s not a typo….1965!!! 97 POINTS! A wine that just might rock you to your very core!! Know someone born in ‘65? Someone who loves old, rare, brilliant dessert wine from one of the most celebrated producers?? How about Christmas? Wouldn't THAT blow someone’s mind? Have a hardcore wine person in your life and you always wondered what to get?

Whatever it is, man, do we have you covered!! Not $325, not $200, no!! All we can say is please, PLEASE move lightning-fast to snag some (or some more if you got it last time and FLIPPED on it)!! DO WE FIND THE GEMS OR WHAT? Man, the three of us dudes have like 65 years combined experience digging up the gems of this planet! For YOU!

OK. WHEW!! Sorry, just had to get our turbocharged enthusiasm for this amazing buy out of the way. Here’s the deets: Toro Albala began in 1922, and from the beginning understood the importance of keeping wines back to develop into the treasures they become after 30, 50, 75 years. THANK you, Toro Albala!! Amazing! Back when the Beach Boys were turning out hits like “Help Me Rhonda” and the Stone’s “Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, the winery was crushing Pedro Ximenez grapes (PX), making mind-altering dessert wine (290 grams of sugar) and stashing it until we came over and begged them for some.

If you’ve never experienced an older PX (much less 54 years old!!) ---- GET READY. Strap IN. Breathe deep. First off, upon opening, this wine is brown/black, almost like motor oil (as it is supposed to be). THE NOSE! My God!! You can just SMELL this for hours, before you actually drink it! Kahlua, Indian spice, malted chocolate, roasting coffee beans, and what we’d describe as GINSENG...all of that craziness pours into your mouth with thick, unctuous texture, but THEN....well, it’s hard to describe, but the wine is rather light on its feet, bittersweet and wildly, insanely complex, layered and crazy-long. A jaw-dropper. 54 years old!! We could go on (as we do…) but we are running out of space! SUPER-LIMITED, rockstar juice! While it lasts..!

*** NOTES: This wine’s cork is sealed with wax. Chip it off with the knife of a corkscrew (or something similar) before opening. It has a beautiful label that opens with more details on the wine. Invite some of your besties over and experience this miracle together! You deserve it!

This is the exotic representative of the PX vintages. Imagine yourself walking along spice markets in India, bright touches of curry paste as well as that of the bitter orange and candied fruits. High roast coffee. Lightly balsamic and final hints of liquorice and tobacco leaves. Not as sweet as other vintages. Extremely balanced.

Technical Details

Country: Spain
Region: Andalucia
Appellation: Montilla Moriles
Varietal: Pedro Ximenez
Winemaker: Antonio Sanchez
Aging/Cooperage: 49 years in American oak barrels
Alcohol: 16.5

About The Producer

The Toro Albalá winery began in the heart of Southern Cordoba in 1922, which is famous for its wine region Montilla-Moriles.  The history begins with the story of a small wine grower José María Toro Albalá who had the great idea of keeping aged wines to create wine treasures destined for the most demanding palates and whose family values are still founded on this philosophy today.  Although considered a risk in view of the economic situation at that time, his idea was a great success and Toro Albalá wines are now to be found on the best tables in the world.
“Fino” wines were the most popular wines in the 1930s amongst mainly rural Andalusian workers who frequented the local bars.  The “bodega”, or winery, was situated in a former regional power plant, which gave rise to the Andalusian joke that the wine was electric or possessed electricity, hence the famous name “Eléctrico” – still used today – for its “fino” wine.

Pairing Suggestions

Dessert, Chocolate and Caramel. Blue Cheese.

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