Pierre Rougon La Sable Luberon 2017  - Last Bottle

Pierre Rougon La Sable Luberon 2017

MASSIVE porch-pounder alert! Summer’s NOT over yet if we have anything to say about it! Daily drinker, quaffable masterpiece, mommy/daddy’s little helper, whatever you want to call this amazingly savory, lip-smackingly delicious Rhone rose, just GET it. Utterly outrageous price/quality ratio at the price we managed to get for you. Busting out corkscrews in 3...2...1…

You’ve had the terrific Rougon wines from us in the past and this hot-off-the-press 2017 is no exception --- the man produces truly astounding quality in this price range. Anyway, so, LUBERON is in the extreme southeast of the Rhone Valley and the grapes for this beauty come from vines planted at 600 to 1400 feet. 2017 is a good but TINY vintage, due to extreme weather, but the wines that have come out of it are fantastic (from what we’ve tasted so far). We HAND-PICKED this last year as one of the best we tried. READY? For $10??? Man, you get whiffs of gently pressed raspberry, cherry blossom, a whisper of rose perfume, fresh-as-the-day-is-long acidity and a super-satisfying, fill-up-the-glass-again-please finish. Juicy and complete and terrifyingly easy to quaff. Mind-blowing at $10! While it lasts!

Located on the foothills of the Luberon, the vineyard provides us an elegant, balanced and delightful fruity wine, worthy of the greatest wine of the Luberon appellation.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Rhone Valley
Appellation: Beaumes de Venise
Varietal: Red Blends
Winemaker: Pierre Rougon
Alcohol: 13%

About The Producer

With an expertise passed down from father to son over several generations, Pierre Rougon is above all, a wine-grower, passionate about the soil, the terroir, vines and grapes.

“Wine is made on the vine" he often says, for the latest equipment and blending will never compete with the quality of a grape nurtured by the winemaker and cared for by hand, while protected from excessive pest-control treatments.

When he sees the same passion and the same level of skill in another wine-grower, Pierre Rougon instantly becomes a master salesman and offers to share the wines which spring from his alchemy. This is how the range has grown to include wines of great character from the most prestigious appellations of the Rhône Valley, Provence and Corsica.

These wines are made with great respect for tradition and are distinguished by their bouquet, their exquisite palate, and their expressive flavours.

Pairing Suggestions

This wine will be the perfect companion to your appetizers, barbecues and season salads.

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