La Domitienne Coteaux du Langeudoc Rose Sur Le Sud 2017  - Last Bottle

La Domitienne Coteaux du Langeudoc Rose Sur Le Sud 2017

I love when you stare at me I'm dressed so fresh so clean

(So fresh and so clean clean)

Holy…..  DROP. EVERYTHING!!! Get this blisteringly fresh Provence rosé QUICK, quick, quick then crank up the OutKast! Wow! What a steal!

Man, we loved this hot-off-the-press rosé so much, we put it in our coffeemaker instead of water this morning. Totally kidding, but….dude!! Nothing but awesome to drink with utter abandon ALL DAY, all night, man, even in our water bottle, just a CRAZY buy on legit Provence rosé that we hand-selected earlier this year. All Estate fruit, from the village of Montagnac.

Fresh and clean indeed, with lilting flowers-on-the-wind hints of apricot and strawberry, and pink grapefruit, in a racy, zippy, energizing frame that you know and love and as of today, desperately crave! $10!!! We must be losing it.

Seriously, we are stoked to have been able to secure this early on with one of our favored thing though is that 2017 is a REALLY small vintage due to the weather that year (all over Europe, really), so please get it as fast as you can --- this is a wicked price that will not be seen again, nope, not even close!! First come, first served!!

La Domitienne is the name of the ancient Roman road (Via Domitia) that
once traveled through the Gaulle region of Narbonne connecting Italy to
Spain. The wine reflects the whole spirit of the road as an ancient
modern way of communication from the old-ancient vine growing areas to
new modern winemaking techniques.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Appellation: Coteaux du Languedoc
Varietal: Grenache
Vineyard: 90-hectare estate of Les Vins de Montagnac. Soil is composed of clay and limestone and the climate is hot and dry.
Winemaker: Blended by Jeff Welburn
Alcohol: 12.50%

About The Producer

• Grown on small estates in the Languedoc
• Label bears the cross of Languedoc, ancient symbol of the region
• Bright, cheerful color represents the Languedoc’s sunny climate, great for growing cinsault, a classic varietal in French rosé
• Mistral winds and proximity to the Mediterranean temper the climate and cool down the grapes to preserve the fresh acidity

Pairing Suggestions

Serve with barbecues, meat, simple or grilled fish, or as an aperitif, even dessert!

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