Chateau Croix-Mouton Bordeaux Superieur 2015  - Last Bottle

Chateau Croix-Mouton Bordeaux Superieur 2015

Ah, Bordeaux. And more of the luscious, juicy, massively overdelivering 2015 vintage. 90 POINTS! This is going to be so good with

(leaves desk, goes to Costco, buys ribs and liberally coats them with rub, wraps and puts in fridge at work)

Ribs. Yes perfect. An outrageously good, powerful, smoky red deserves these. What a screaming, no-brainer buy —— goodness! Plums, wild blackberry, anise, mocha, red whips and smoky wood, oh man going to be so good tonight!! Really an amazing buy- we cannot get enough of these sexy, wildly approachable 2015s. We bought as much as we could the moment we tasted this a month or so ago...but there is NEVER enough! Did we mention 90 points and $15??! Have fun while it lasts!

(drives home, fires up smoker, cooks to perfection, drinks the whole bottle and has the best dreams ever)

Time, steady perseverance and care have enabled Jean Philippe Janoueix to build up a fine portfolio of wine estates. The properties are spread carefully across Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Pomerol, Saint Georges Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux Supérieur, offering rare diversity and quality. 

In the vineyard they constantly strive for rigour and precision. They encourage biodiversity by allowing grass to grow in every other row of vines, enabling colonies of insects to grow and improving the absorption of water into the soils. The vines are planted densely, creating an almost Burgundian competitiveness between the vines, which must dig deeper into the mineral-rich terroir for nutrients. Harvesting is done by hand and almost everything is transferred using gravity. They take the time to sort the grapes twice, always putting quality before high yields. All of the vines are looked after sustainably, reducing our ecological footprint and helping the ecosystem.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Appellation: Bordeaux Superieur
Varietal: Bordeaux Blends
Vineyard: Average age of vines is 40 years old
Winemaker: Jean Philippe Janoueix
Farming: Ploughing of the soil, controlled deliberate grass growth. One cluster thinning at the beginning of veraison.
Aging/Cooperage: Coopers: Demptos: 40%, Darnajou: 40%, Remond: 20%. 20% of cigar-shaped barrels, 80% of traditional barrels. Maturing on lees during 3-4 months.
Harvest Date: September 22-30th, 2015
Alcohol: 14.50%
PH: 3.53
TA: 3.30g/100mLs

About The Producer

Previously known as Chateau Mouton, Croix Mouton has a storied history in Bordeaux. The estate has a history dating back to the ancient Romans who planted vines on the property! 

Chateau Croix Mouton was purchased by Jean-Philippe Janoueix in 1997. When purchased, the estate and vineyards were not in good shape, the previous owner had abandoned the vineyards. Jean Philippe Janoueix wanted to sell the wines under the original name of Chateau Mouton but a lawsuit was filed by Chateau Mouton Rothschild and the name was changed to Croix Mouton. In 1998 improvements on all the facilities and vineyards began taking place.

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