Champagne Paul Goerg Millesime Brut Premier Cru 2007  - Last Bottle

Champagne Paul Goerg Millesime Brut Premier Cru 2007

Time to get serious -- it’s Friday and we FINALLY pulled off this amazing buy (been working on this for months!) -- VINTAGE PREMIER CRU BUBBLY, baby! Yes! We deserve it! You deserve it! The dog deserves it! And the price!!

A special occasion Champagne for sure. ELECTRIC, racy, bracing and crazy-complex!! Oh my goodness. 2007 vintage to boot --- just released from the House Paul Goerg. They are located in the Vertus region of Champagne, and this area is particularly noted for its Chardonnay, of which this is mostly comprised of (extra happy about that!), from 15 Premier Cru vineyard sites. Sweet!

We get a lot of compliments for our bubbly finds. We love working with family operations and small producers with a serious commitment to quality. Not incidentally, the pricing we achieve, too, is unbeatable, because we cut out several middlemen!! Woo hoo!

Did we say electric? Did we say invigorating, rousing and exhilarating??? Great bubbly will do that, and this release also packs in rich, toasty, “bisquity” character along with the classic crisp and baked apples, lemon brioche, bread dough and a dash of honeysuckle...oh man!! So rich and long, too. Great stuff, wicked price, get it quick…, not much to be had! Have a killer weekend, we love you!

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Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Champagne
Appellation: Champagne
Varietal: Champagne Blends
Alcohol: 12%

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