Meyer Family Cabernet Sauvignon Spitfire Oakville Napa Valley 2014  - Last Bottle

Meyer Family Cabernet Sauvignon Spitfire Oakville Napa Valley 2014

Masterful OAKVILLE CABERNET is back and (this will be a fun debate!) possibly better than the blockbuster 2013! Napa Cabernet connoisseurs, fans of the Meyers and their rich legacy here in our Valley, STOP. WHAT. YOU. ARE. DOING and snag a few of this 2014! Pure and classy, sexy and hedonistic stuff as always….but we got even less than last time...please, for all that is sane and good on this rock, if you love Oakville (of course you do), you need to be buying this now. Go, go!

--- Meyer Family is Matt Meyer -- son of Justin Meyer (started Silver Oak in the 70s) and wife Bonny (remember Bonny's Vineyard?).
--- Tiny production, totally hands-on, single-vineyard, OAKVILLE greatness!! Spitfire is right next to the original Bonny's Vineyard!
--- The PRICE!! For Cab at this level?? Never to be seen again!

RICH, plush, ultra-uber-pure black cherry for DAYS, dried sweet cherries, pie crust, cedar, allspice, yes, yes, it is all there in a silky package. WINNING!

Justin Meyer is regarded, along with the likes of Robert Mondavi, a pioneer and one of the fathers of California fine wine. Separate of Silver Oak, the family established Meyer Family in 1987 and quietly made very small amounts of wine (Syrah and Port) that rarely hit the market. After Justin's death in 2002, the family refocused a bit on Cabernet from Oakville -- the original Bonny's Vineyard in Oakville and surrounding ones they were able to purchase, including Spitfire. The wines harken back to the early days of Silver Oak somewhat, and into the fantastic wines they produced in the 90s. Slightly lower in alcohol than the current trend in Napa Cab, they exude power and finesse. This vintage of the Spitfire is particularly FINE -- and we think incredible at the price. What else can we say??!! Don't MISS!!

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Napa Valley
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol: 13.80%

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