Domaine Besson Chablis 2020  - Last Bottle

Domaine Besson Chablis 2020

Can you feel it? The picking crews making their early rounds, endless towers of bins filled with green clusters of grapes, the smells of a morning bakery from yeasty fermentations bubbling away mixed with the sweet, heady note of spent bio-diesel from the choreographed dance of forklifts…HARVEST 2022 is upon us here in Napa!  A favorite time of year, to be certain, made sweeter today by an all-time favorite - Domaine Besson Chablis - the brand-new 2020, hot-off-the-press (and track) at a spellbinding, unheard-of $19. The spirit SOARS.

CHABLIS! You smoky beast of profound intensity – don’t ever change. Seductively crisp with concentrated mineral tones of concrete dust, chipped river rocks and struck flint – this wine is amply loaded up with a cornucopia of tropical and orchard stone fruits ranging from mango, lychee, white peach, and golden pluot. All that and more for the cranium-cracking price of NINETEEN DOLLARS, we say again, seemingly impossible.

CATAWAMPUS. Apart from a top-five, all-time favorite word, that’s the best descriptor I’ve got for the sheer absurdity of this spectacular deal. Camille Besson’s new release Chablis is a blend of many of her Premier and Grand Cru sites…at well below the cost you’d rightly expect. Definitely something askew is afoot. How do we offer this wine for that price? The exact same price we offered on the last vintage? It must be the Illuminati…or the stonemasons. Regardless, 2020 is a supremely classic vintage for Chablis and this wine is a must have for any and all white Burgundy lovers! This wine will fly out the door, so make sure that some is headed your way!

Hints of smoke and struck flint lend an earthen tone to brisk lemon and lime in this wine. Slim yet thirst quenching, the zippy dry white is best enjoyed now through 2025.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Appellation: Chablis
Varietal: Chardonnay
Winemaker: Domaine Besson Alain
Alcohol: 12.50%

About The Producer

Situated in the heart of Chablis, Domaine Besson is the proud owner of an exceptional wine-producing heritage, seeking to express and transmit in its wines the purity and sensitivity of this unique terroir. The estate is an independent family-owned and run domaine spanning four generations. Today, their 21 hectares comprises holdings in Petit Chablis, Chablis and selected Premiers/Grands Crus. Alain Besson has handed more control to his daughter Camille, who looks after the winemaking and marketing, and his son Adrien who is responsible for the vineyard work. Practicing ‘lutte raisonnée’ in the vineyards and manual harvesting (for the Grands Crus only), their thoughtful, sensitive winemaking gives rise to wines that offer a pure expression of fruit in a fine and elegant styling.

Pairing Suggestions

Shellfish, Crab, Lobster

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