Jasmine Monet Brut Organic Vineyard NV  - Last Bottle

Jasmine Monet Brut Organic Vineyard NV


Nailed it! With this weather, we need ice-cold, rocking bubbly 24/7, preferably organic, WAY over 50% OFF, under $20, zippy, limey, toasty...AHHH! Just get it! We don’t have much and this is a Champagne kinda weekend (sold out of the Derigny Grand Cru we had yesterday in record time)!

We discovered this neuron-firing delish organic producer last year to RAVES/hella emails/VMs from you all, and MAN, it’s just so good for the scrizzle. This needs to be front and center in what we call the Champagne “cellar defender” row – the stuff you drink on the daily and let your guests grab while the $200 Krug ages far off in the back!!

Terrific Uco Valley bubbles, 85% chardonnay, 15% pinot noir, simply outrageously well-priced (today, anyway, a totally new discovery for us), 12% alcohol, 6g dosage! BRUT baby, brut all day long... **cue up Lionel Ritchie**... "all night long…"

We love toasty, yeasty, irresistibly French-bakery-redolent aromatics and flavors, and this HAS it going on big time. Key lime pie, lemon meringue, lemon curd, bread dough, toasty fresh-out-of-oven buttery croissants, sweet pear, ginger, marmalade, dry, UBER fresh and zesty, wicked-easy to sip... Hey, find us a better sparkling, we dare ya.

It’s probably gone!

Pale yellow color with soft green tones. Plenty and delicate bubbles, forming an intense
and lasting crown. Combines Opulence, freshness, intensity and softness. It is the perfect communion between the harmonious elegance of Pinot Noir and the aromatic complexity of Chardonnay. Green Apple aroma, citric accomplished with yeast and coconut aroma. Soft entry, foam is harmless to the palate. Natural acidity leveled by its residual sugar content. Mouth receives same senses as nose does.

Technical Details

Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Appellation: Uco Valley
Varietal: Proprietary Blends
Vineyard: Gualtallary vineyards
Winemaker: Jasmine Monet
Farming: Sustainable
Alcohol: 12.20%

About The Producer

Convinced that terroir determines personality and mood of a good sparkling wine, Jasmine Monet chooses from several vineyards from the Gualtallary, Valle de Uco areas, worldly known for its optimum quality (climate and soil) for the production of high quality grapes.Such grapes giving birth to our varietals come from very old vineyards placed at the foot of the Cordillera de los Andes, owning an exceptional microclimate.

Pairing Suggestions

Meaty fish such as salmon, mackerel, swordfish, monkfish and tuna tend to match with rich white wines.

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