Conn Creek Sauvignon Blanc Estate Napa Valley 2021  - Last Bottle

Conn Creek Sauvignon Blanc Estate Napa Valley 2021

Man, who else needs a palate cleanser? Wait, am I the only one drinking? Well, consider this is a perfect start to your Saturday too, people…join me! CRISP, cool, boisterous, and bountiful sauvignon blanc, my friends! Get THIS…only FOURTEEN DOLLARS!!! I know spring is really just getting started, but can I make like Nostradamus and throw out bold(-ish) predictions – “On the six month, in the year of the great election, golden, zesty, and quenching juice will rain down upon the masses like water from heaven. The chosen will save their coins, and share the juice with their friends – but drink evermore for themselves.”

Wow…spooky, right? But the wine? Stunning. Lemony and bright, but with a nice kiss of richness, and a whisper of vanilla to make all that pear, citrus, and stone fruit flavor skew exotic. Weighty, but never flabby, this is a beach-body-ready sauvignon blanc that just drains from your glass in record time. Case purchases would be wise here – just saying.

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The construction of Conn Creek Winery in 1979 marked a milestone, boasting an innovative, energy-efficient design that was ahead of its time. Located in the Rutherford appellation, the winery's green building features include 12-inch-thick walls composed of Styrofoam, steel mesh, gunite, and an impressive incorporation of 20,000 corks.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Napa Valley
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Winemaker: Elizabeth DeLouise-Gant
Alcohol: 14.2

About The Producer

Established in 1973 by Bill and Kathy Collins, Conn Creek Winery has been a pioneer in crafting Bordeaux-styled red wines in the Napa Valley. A key player in the region's renaissance, Conn Creek played a pivotal role in solidifying Napa Valley's reputation as a premier wine-growing area. Today, nearly four decades later, Conn Creek remains dedicated to producing exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varietals, showcasing the enduring legacy of its founders' vision and commitment to quality winemaking.

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