Andrew Will 2016 (2 Bottle Combo)  - Last Bottle

Andrew Will 2016 (2 Bottle Combo)

We’ve seen it all now. Is…GOBSMACKED the word? Pandemonium, maybe? Dumbfounded? ANDREW WILL? 2-FER? For this…? From the ‘16 vintage? It’s anarchy. However…we did beef up the server…it’s gonna FLY, guys. WOW!!

**Dismally small QUANTITIES – please jump to the site with expeditious alacrity…

Ask yourself: is there some reason I don’t deserve to drink a mini-horizontal of 95 and 93+ point blockbuster Bordeaux-blend blood-sugar-sex-majik rockstar-ness from the masters at Andrew Will on Vashon Island for drastically, impossibly less than the rest of the world? Getting geeky here for a minute, Andrew Will is a legend in Washington, a small-production, dead-serious producer on Vashon Island (we encourage a Google of it!). It is one of those wines that savvy collectors keep to themselves and don’t talk about much -- more for them. Outrageously complex and powerful, with refined texture and the kind of thing easily mistaken for a $200+ Bordeaux wine.  This is, well, excuse us, a pretty manly-man/sexy wine. Like the Brad Pitt character in the “isn’t Brad Pitt still hot at 55 years old” movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Deep, powerful fruits, crushed flowers/violets that might remind you of Chateau Margaux, and a wine to age for decades, if you like!

The Two Blondes is probably the more sexy/approachable of the two, for the moment, a classic Right Bank style blend that is a little more opulent - but don’t think it’s not full of power, it is. The Ciel du Cheval has more minerality, it’s more tightly wound, in a $200 Bordeaux kind of way. This is a colossal no-brainer…while it lasts! 

“I am not interested in the similarities of my wines but the differences. The different identities of our vineyards and varietals which explore the identity of Washington State as distinct from California or Bordeaux.”

- Chris Camarda

2016 Ciel du Cheval:

Composition:57% Merlot, 43% Cabernet Franc

Vineyard:Ciel Du Cheval

Appellation:Red Mountain

Average Age of Vines:29

Time in Barrels:8 months (25% New French Oak, 75% Neutral French Oak)

Bottling Date:May 2018

Bottling Date:May 2018

Release Date:Feb 2021

Total Production:610

2016 Two Blondes:

Composition:60% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 16% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Malbec

Vineyard:Two Blondes

Appellation:Yakima Valley

Average Age of Vines:16

Time in Barrels:18 months (25% New French Oak, 75% Neutral French Oak)

Bottling Date:May 2018

Bottling Date:May 2018

Release Date:Feb 2021

Total Production:582

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: Washington
Appellation: Washington
Varietal: Red Blends
Alcohol: 14.00%

About The Producer

Andrew Will Winery has always had a focus on creating wines with a sense of place. Since the first vintage in 1989, Chris Camarda has been labeling his wines with the vineyard name on the front label to establish a sense of place from the different vineyards across Washington State. We believe that each vineyard that we work with has unique attributes that set them apart from each other.

"Since the first vintage in 1989 we have tried to improve our artisanal skills as winemakers as well as to conform to the simple ideas we started with."

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