Lombardo Confino Toscana Rosso 2020  - Last Bottle

Lombardo Confino Toscana Rosso 2020




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Last Bottle

“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” – Maud Hart Lovelace

TUSCANY! You heartbreaker…Montepulciano…you especially. I mean, really, watch this video** buys plane tickets ** OK, see ya there in September. Seriously - come with me. 

In the meantime — live vicariously in your living room with this gorgeous, fresh-as-the-day-is-long, warm, just…..DELIGHTFUL, pour-me-another bottle of love (OK, it's actually the sangiovese grape, of course), but we call it love sun-juice! OUR PRICE is just another level of happiness - promise. 

Lombardo is a relatively new producer (1974) for Tuscany, but they have some excellent vineyards - sandstone, which gives elegance, and clay which gives tannin and power. This drinks like something WAY pricier, natch, and for our price – complete no-brainer territory if you love, well…wine or anything Tuscan related. 

Dark raspberries, perfume, crushed pomegranates (we have these in our driveway, we know that smell!!), red currant…fresh, yet mouthcoating and well, PERFECT. At $16, we recommend drinking 3-4 bottles a week!! While it lasts!

Free ground shipping on 6 or more bottles.

90 points

“A fruity nose of blackberries, plums, cassis, violets and stones. Medium-bodied with plush tannins. Juicy, supple and fresh. Drink now.”

~James Suckling

In 1881 the ship owner Giuseppi Lombardo established a wine house in western Sicily in the city of Marsala. His company refined and innovated new techniques to produce Marsala wine. The prominence and reputation of Lombardo Marsala grew as his ships carried his wine all over the world. Today, the decendants of Giuseppi Lombardo carry on his cherished wine making tradition using the same time honored methods. They continue to refine, innovate, and perfect the techniques used to make Marsala. The dedication and efforts of four generations of Lombardos give birth to Italy's finest Marsala.

Technical Details

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Tuscany
  • Varietal: Red Blend
  • Alcohol: 14.00%

About The Producer

Located in the heart of Montepulciano (man, this is a picturesque village), Lombardo was founded in 1972 by Antonino Lombardo, where today Antonio’s sons, Giacinto and Francesco, are responsible for continuing their father’s dream of producing memorable wines that respect the superb region they come from. Lombardo is composed of about 35 hectares of vineyards, with the vast majority planted in Sangiovese (Prugnolo Gentile). The plants are divided into various vineyards located in Caggiole, Confino, S.Polo and Gracciano, where the company is also based. The soil of Caggiole is full of sandstone (tufo) - perfect for producing elegant non-tannic wines. Confino and Gracciano are rich in clay soil, producing very powerful and tannic wines.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Lamb, Veal, Poultry, Cured Meats




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