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Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2018  - Last Bottle

Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2018




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Last Bottle

(faint it...angels??)

IT IS. The 2018 SLEEPER CAB is HERE, once again, to spread joy across the land and vanquish dispirited, diluted, ho hum Napa Cabernet once and for all with the fantastic 2018 vintage-- still a brain-clouding $44...we have NEVER EVER changed the price since the first vintage in 2005!! And never will, damn the accountant and controllers and bookkeepers (not really, we love you all and don’t really have any of those anyway…) 

This is a long one. HIGHLY suggest grabbing some first...those who know, ya know, early bird and all that...

BUT!!! This is no regular 2018, no no. It’s a great vintage here in Napa and we had some of the best raw material for this Sleeper (honestly, it gets better every year, with more highly titillating batches of Cab to work with). We actually had so much, we spent two inebriated, infuriating and ultimately wildly successful (we think) days blending, reblending, napping, cutting, parsing, scratchin’ and mixin’ until the perfect elixir was complete and we were spent. If you love rich, sexy, powerful Napa Cab, don’t do ANYTHING else for the next minute until you lock a few in!! Man, we wish we could tell you what’s in it!! Lawyers say no.

We can’t tell you what the price of this wine in its original label sells for, frustrating as that is, but we CAN tell you it is a MASSIVE discount, considering the crazy-good pedigree, location, masterful winemakers, and gotta-have-’em, famously known producers. The final blend ranged from St. Helena to Coombsville, and we think it ROCKS pretty hard. For those of you who bought the Reserve ($59, sold out in 2 hours), this is right up there -- actually, you might have trouble telling them apart at this young stage. DARK!! Deep purple/red, big, sexy nose of crushed blueberries, cassis liqueur, pastilles, purple flowers...huge and perfumey. This carries on in the flavors, with a rollercoaster of spices, toasty coffee bean, licorice, clove and!! Seriously, you’ll need a pen and paper to write it all down. It’s big, bold, deep and caressing...yes!! We’re super stoked about the result, to put it mildly...

 It’s hard to even type. $44!!! Will go in an instant…

**** And if you’re wondering what the heck Sleeper even is…here’s our lawyer-approved description...What does a "cult" Napa Valley winery (think: $175 a bottle and up (way up), tiny production, famous winemaker, etc.) do when they make 400 cases of killer Cab but only want to release 200 cases? Well, they quietly call a friend....maybe someone in the wine biz that has been around the block a few times....someone....DISCREET. That’s US. We’re like Fort Knox over here. We created the Sleeper brand specifically to curate these kinds of once-in-a-lifetime type deals that occasionally come our way and we’re as picky and meticulous on selection as everything else we do. Just ask the thousands of happy people who know!

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Technical Details

  • Alcohol: 15.00%



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