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Waypoint Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard (3 Pack)  - Last Bottle

Waypoint Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard (3 Pack)




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Last Bottle

This 3 bottle combo contains:
(1 Bottle) Waypoint Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Ranch Oakville 2016 
(1 Bottle) Waypoint Cabernet Sauvignon Somerston Vineyard 2015 
(1 Bottle) Waypoint Cabernet Sauvignon Tierra Buena Vineyard Spring Mountain 2015

That’s it. We’re done. The jaws are dropped, the eyes are bugged out, the skin all goosebumped-out, unconsciousness soon to follow. 


AAAAAAAAAHHHH!! THREE single-vineyard Napa Cabernets from (several times) 100-point-crafting winemaker Timothy Milos (not to mention dozens of 95-99 point wines), 2 FANTASTIC, powerful vintages (15+16!!) from the highly regarded Waypoint - AT OVER 50% OFF -- this is simply one of the coolest, most rockstar-y Napa Cab offers we can recall -- people, people, people...... Do what you must to grab these, as you might imagine, we have very few to go around and your humble scribe already bought a mess of them for himself, ha ha!! WOW!

OK - getting serious. Think of this trio as a Napa sub-appellation tasting- you’ve got the following in one tasty, insanely bargain-priced package: 

OAKVILLE: Highly-regarded vineyard on the Eastern hills of Oakville, nearby Phelps Backus, Turnbull, Dalla Valle, and across the Silverado Trail from Screaming Eagle, Rudd, and Tench. 2016 power and grace, plush and lush and mamma mia so sexy. Rich and silky. 

SPRING MOUNTAIN: The also highly regarded Tierra Buena vineyard at 1,100 feet, first planted in the 1880s!! As typical with this appellation, the wine is a bit more MANLY-MAN, if you will, with more grip and tons of dark, powerful fruit and oak spice. Killer. 

SOMERSTON VINEYARD, NAPA VALLEY: Somerston Estate is a beautiful valley unto itself on Sage Canyon road, between Lake Hennessey and Lake Berryessa, northeast of Rutherford and Pritchard Hill. As with the Oakville, PLUSH, hedonistic, rich and concentrated, with a mocha-like finish and warm spices. 

SO RAD! All the wines are so sexy, each one easily hits its NORMAL $125 price (which we’ve dropped drastically, as you can see), and probably in a blind tasting you'd say much more, seriously. They stack up well among MUCH more expensive wines and at OUR absurd price? C’mon!! When will you see something so cool like this again?! So order your steak, call yer buds and sit down for a great night of Napa Cabernet goodness --- while they last, that is!! Wooooo hooo!

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A waypoint is the identifying intersection between latitude and longitude on a GPS, the precise location where the two coordinates meet. It is unique and unambiguous, a virtual fingerprint on the ground. In the wine world, one’s waypoint tells a unique story of time and place in the glass.

It also helps to have dedicated growers and winemakers with an eye for the right dirt. Working with guys like Andy Beckstoffer on the vineyard side and Tim Milos in the cellar, we're fortunate to be able to include serious talent in the conversation of making great wine. And, yes, we've received some good press. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate was our biggest point haul, but others have had nice things to say too (including our demanding clientele). Frankly, we'll take it with appreciation.

These wines are reflections of our promise to deliver "great stuff," and they have not come about by accident. It starts with fantastic vineyards and folks who know how to farm the right way and making an awful lot of decisions from there but ultimately it's more about letting the wines speak for themselves than accessorizing with a batch of winemaking tricks. Single-vineyard wines need to stand on their own merit. You simply can't go wrong here.

38º 30’ 20” N 122º 29’ 21” W
We sourced the fruit for the “Tierra Buena” Cabernet from a historic vineyard on Spring Mountain, first planted in the 1880s. This is the “good earth” at its finest. Grown mostly at 1,100 feet, this sun-drenched hillside above the fog line is the perfect home for fruit that develops supreme concentration and exquisite tannins. Bold, structured like the proverbial brick shelter, this oozes class and blackcurrant fruit to spare.

38º 27’ 46” N 122º 22’ 22” W
Hillside Oakville fruit is responsible for some of the most iconic wines of Napa: Phelps Backus and Screaming Eagle are two legends from the same neighborhood as our Oakville Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, expertly farmed to organic standards by Phil Coturri. This is the most lush and opulent of the trio, brimming with juicy cassis liqueur and boysenberries. Brilliant!

38º 31’ 9” N 122º 16’ 6” W

Somerston Estate is a beautiful valley unto itself on Sage Canyon road, between Lake Hennessey and Lake Berryessa, northeast of Rutherford and Pritchard Hill. Our “Somerston” Cabernet Sauvignon is gently structured, with dusty, pleasantly earthy aromas overlaying deep blackberry and black cherry fruit. In 2013 this wine absolutely shines, and will age 15-20 years.

Technical Details

  • Country: USA
  • Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

About The Producer

Fifth generation Bay Area resident Timothy Milos jokes that he’s “dropped out of some of the best schools in the country.” The truth is, the biology and genetics expert spent three years at Cornell working toward his PhD in molecular genetics when he realized he would never be content to sit in a lab day after day. The son of builders, Tim missed that feeling of actively applying his science, or as he says, “of sitting on top of a foundation wall at the end of the day.” Fortunately for us and the wine world, he spent some time in the cellars of a Finger Lakes winery and stumbled upon the perfect intersection of biology, agriculture, architecture, history and art: making wine.

“Every fermentation,” he says, “is a living system. It is its own ecology, and it evolves over time. It is as complex a matrix as you could ask for.”

After leaving Cornell to study enology at UC Davis, Tim made his way to Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, then Opus One and finally wound up as winemaker for S. Anderson Vineyard. In 2004, he partnered with Marco diGiulio (another Bounty Hunter alum) and started his own consulting practice. He’s been consulting for premium Napa Valley wineries ever since.




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