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Lichen Pinot Noir Moonglow 2018  - Last Bottle

Lichen Pinot Noir Moonglow 2018




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Last Bottle

Pinot people! You asked, you emailed, we heard! Lichen’s incredible (and incredibly priced) MOONGLOW is back! 

Is this the best one yet? You decide (assuming you have been lucky enough to have gotten any past vintages from us), but we think so. We RARELY even GET the Lichen wines. They are too popular, too hard to get -- until today. We don’t know if it was the begging, pleading, or what, but we got a small parcel (small!) to sell. 2018 is such a terrific vintage up in the Anderson Valley, too -- this wine is LUSH and complex!! Love love love it.

Some of you savvy pinot-philes may remember the highly-regarded Breggo winery -- owners Doug and Ana Stewart sold the winery to Cliff Lede (here in Napa) and re-invented themselves as LICHEN. The wines are SEXY, too, and they are uber-dedicated to quality and innovation (if you ever venture up that way it is a must-visit). the wine, ah, yes, dangerously quaffable, but round and generous, fresh and layered. RHUBARB! Sweet cherries! Fresh raspberry/berry tartness with baking spices and toasty French oak round it all out. The finish goes on and on, even after you’ve cleaned up, washed the dishes and gone to bed. What can we say? Lovely pinot from one of the finest places on earth to grow it!! Only a tiny bit to go around...while it lasts...!

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"The fruit-forward 2018 Moonglow Pinot Noir practically jumps out of the glass. Raspberries and cherries explode in the nose. Grippy tannins flood your mouth. Use caution while quaffing this youthful zinger..."

The 203-acre Lichen Estate sits at the heart of Anderson Valley, half way between Boonville and Philo. They have planted seven acres of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vines in 2008 on meter-by-meter spacing, the same used for Grand Cru vineyards of Burgundy and Champagne. We have farmed it organically from the outset. This singular vineyard produces singular wines.

In the winery, we seek to express our estate vineyard's character by using the gentlest of equipment coupled with minimalist techniques. We strive for elegance, focus, purity, structure, and balance in all our wines. 

Technical Details

  • Country: USA
  • Region: Mendocino, California
  • Appellation: Anderson Valley
  • Varietal: Pinot Noir
  • Farming: Sustainable
  • Harvest Date: September 7th & September 28th 2018
  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • PH: 3.55
  • TA: 5.6g/L
  • Production: 875

About The Producer

In the year 2000, we bought this 203-acre farm in the heart of Anderson Valley. It had been a sheep ranch for 150 years. Oaks, bays, and madrones lined the four creeks and dotted the rolling hills of our watershed. Every winter the oaks lost their leaves but the green ghostly garb of lichen remained. Lichen is everywhere here, from the Yorkville Highlands to the Mendocino Coast. We named our farm "Lichen Estate" in honor of its beauty and grace. 

We farm gently, meticulously, organically. We strive to leave our children and grandchildren land that is healthier than it was in 2000 when we arrived. In the vineyard, we foster biological diversity from the top of the canopy to deep in the soils. We left half the property outside the fence that contains our vineyard and the flock of 80-odd sheep, with a wilderness corridor, including our main creek, from the ridge to valley floor, tracing the edge of the vineyard. Bears rummage through our pomace as it composts. Tree frogs and crickets sing our vineyards to sleep. Clusters warm up to the whir of honeybees. Lichen creates a symbiotic relationship with its host trees. Like lichen, we farmers develop a symbiosis with the land — we feed it, it feeds us.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Veal, Poultry



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