Margaux de Brane 2016 (1.5L)  - Last Bottle

Margaux de Brane 2016 (1.5L)




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Last Bottle

(skipping around 30,000 sq. foot warehouse like drunken sailors)

"la la lalala.....Mag, Mag, MAAAAGnums! We love MAGNUMS, oh my Mags, mags, magnums, la la lalala...!!!"

We're living our BEST lives right now (even if our ridiculous singing is painful). BORDEAUX MAGS! 2016 vintage! Life is grand!

This is MARGAUX, baby, the third label of the much-venerated Chateau Brane Cantenac! In the world-class 2016 vintage (lord knows you've heard us GUSHING about it), it is VERY worth mentioning that this wine's older brother scored 96-98 POINTS from the Wine Advocate (oh, and 96 Suckling, 96 Vinous, 95 Wine Spec!!). So for our price, this younger sibling is a SCREAMING delicious, massive no-brainer of a buy for cellaring, drinking, sharing, loving, gifting, luxuriating in, rejoicing in and reveling in the fact that you paid so, SO much less than the rest of the world. Direct from the Chateau!! Ain't life sweet??

Sorry, but MAN! Last year, we got a bit of the 2015 which sold out in a flash (duh) and this year our Bordeaux supplier hooked us up with a bit more (so, hopefully will last more than 45 minutes this time...) -- c'mon, Margaux Mags? It's hard to take in at this price. Whatever -- just GET IT. We’d pay $55 for a REGULAR bottle!

OK, sorry, enough self-congratulatory drivel. Did you get some? Good. Here's what we think of it. The world-famous Lurton family is behind this masterstroke, and we really can’t imagine a more instantly appealing, darkly-colored, perfumey, spicy bottle of Cabernet. Made from the young vines in the vineyard, and hard to even FIND in the USA, this baby packs in lush boysenberry/huckleberry fruit, silky tannin, a low-acid, mouthcoating texture, dried flowers, lavender...a dash of licorice and sweet French oak --- just a silly buy --- we’re stocking should too! While it lasts…!

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Henri Lurton selects the youngest plots from our vineyard for Margaux de Brane. A silky, fruit-driven wine with impressive roundness and red fruit flavours, the wine is accessible in style.
It offers an introduction to the wonders of the Margaux appellation and in particular to the signature style of Brane.

Technical Details

  • Country: France
  • Region: Bordeaux
  • Appellation: Margaux
  • Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc
  • Varietal: Bordeaux Blend
  • Winemaker: Henri Lurton
  • Alcohol: 13.0%

About The Producer

At the heart of the distinguished Margaux appellation, Château Brane-Cantenac stands proudly. Renowned for producing wines of remarkable elegance and finesse, this 75-hectare estate is an emblem of quality and excellence in the world of fine wine.

Vineyards are stamped with the will of men. Begun 250 years ago, Brane-Cantenac’s legend is the tale of a thriving relationship between man and earth, which grows stronger as the ages go by. Named ‘Hostein’ in the 18th Century, this great wine estate was bought by the Gorce family, and produced one of the Medoc’s most renowned wines long before the 1855 classification.

As for our 2nd wine, Baron de Brane, its name pays hommage to the famous Baron Jacques-Maxime de Brane, the ’Napoléon des Vignes’, owner of the property in the 19th Century. For the past four generations the Lurton family has been at the helm, devoted wardens who continue to ensure that the property flourishes, producing wines of the greatest quality.

Since 1992, Henri has continued the journey that his father and ancestors began. Although a proponent of innovation and new technology, Henri is careful never to lose sight of the traditional values that remain an inherent part of Brane’s identity. Above all, he is proud of the unique terroir, and recognises the need to treat the soil, vines and grapes with immense respect as he carefully steers Brane’s future course.

Each plot and sub-plot has distinct characteristics, making them best suited for particular grape varieties. At Brane, we grow Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Merlot (40%), Cabernet Franc (4.5%) and Carmenère (0.5%). The vineyards are continuously micro-managed with a single goal in mind: producing the highest quality grapes and maintaining low yields. Replanting efforts in recent years, and a movement towards organic growing, demonstrate our strong commitment to sustainable viticulture.

Obtaining the finest possible fruit requires a unique exchange between man and nature, based on a deep understanding of the land itself, developed through centuries of experience. Famous for its deep, gravelly and mineral-rich soils, Brane possesses some of Margaux’s very finest plots. The chateau is positioned on an illustrious plateau, its topography provides superb natural drainage, with stony soils forcing the roots of the vines to delve deep into the earth for sustenance.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Veal and Lamb.



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