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Thursday, August 18th, 9:00am Pacific

Harvest Marathon Madness!!!!  - Last Bottle

Harvest Marathon Madness!!!!

T-Shirts + MARATHON Update!

WHOA! HUGE thanks to our rockstar t-shirt-wearing SUPERFANS, we know who you are now, and we gonna hook you up big-time WITH A FAT $20 CREDIT and a Last Bottle CORKSCREW (yup, that makes the shirt FREE, and adds a stylish new tool to your wine-drinking arsenal, that’s how much we love you!!). Man, you’re going to be living in ultra-satin comfort the rest of the year, hopefully with a glass of vino, too, totally ON US. Even if you missed the SHIRTS, however, we held a few back and...BOOM...

...OH YEA we will be throwing in a FREE t-shirt (maybe some corkscrews, too, who knows...maybe a slice of pizza) to anyone who grabs 6 BOTTLES OR MORE during the next 2 days of MARATHON MADNESS! Free shipping on everything, any quantity - what what??! We’ve had all summer to save up an EPIC load of “marathon-only” wines at just silly, silly prices. JUST WAIT!

SO. New here? CRUSH is on in the Valley….and you KNOW what that means here at Last Bottle World Headquarters!!! HARVEST MARATHON MADNESS, 2022 style --- TWO DAYS OF HARROWING, UBER-SPEEDY, holy-moly, WINE-BLOWOUT MADNESS (over 250,000 bottles!!), starting at 9AM tomorrow (Napa time)!

It’s ALL THAT. Mark yourself as "DO NOT DISTURB" on Thursday and Friday on the company calendar (better yet, sprain an ankle or something), download a 2-second browser refresher (seriously, it helps), upgrade your Chromebook, surround yourself with adult beverages and tasty snacks, crank your favorite Spotify playlist and get ready to experience the most outrageous, we’re all-going-crazy, deal-filled Marathon YET in 10 years of doing this! CABERNET, BORDEAUX, BRUNELLO, STICKIES, PINOT NOIR, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, you name it, we’ll have it at UP TO 80% OFF. Mental!

Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS (contiguous states)! TRUE, UTTER MADNESS. Yup, you read it right -- FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY AND ALL ORDERS, regardless of # of bottles. 

First time at this? Prepare to get LIT. Old hand at this? We have been stockpiling astounding deals for many months (lotsa cool new stuff from Europe, too) - we promise, it is going to be UNREAL, the biggest selection in our 10 years! Here’s the scoop:

*** First timers, you should really read this! ***

For the next 2 days (or until we completely run out of wine), wines will appear at breakneck speed (breakneck speed, we are NOT exaggerating) on the website, and flip VERY quickly as they sell out. These are wines we get in limited quantities at crazy-good pricing, generally not enough to send out an email on, and you won't get any emails for the next two days, either. You'll need to keep hitting the "REFRESH" button on your browser to catch them all (the more you refresh, the more you will see, some sell out in seconds...!). You’ll want to log into your account now and make sure your default shipping and billing info is set, so you can place orders with ease. Don't forget, the website will operate the same as with our daily offers, meaning each wine you purchase will be a single transaction. There is no cart saving your selections, so be sure to go through the purchase process on each wine! That's it - madness it is, and all first come, first served!!

Starting tomorrow at 9AM sharp (Napa time), we are embracing the madness of harvest and HAVING OUR BIGGEST BLOWOUT EVER -- HUNDREDS, POSSIBLY THOUSANDS, of unbelievable bargains from every corner of Planet Earth. Seriously - more pinot, cult Cabs, and Bordeaux than ever, not to mention large formats, older vintages, and hot-off-the-press goodies…all at market-crushing prices. Again, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS (contiguous states)!

Finally - All orders placed during this marathon will be combined. We will require several weeks or more to stage and coordinate all the shipping, and we promise to contact you the moment your orders are ready (to discuss your shipping/hold options depending on where you live and the sometimes extreme weather). As a note, there is no ‘last bottle’ credit during the marathon.

To all the winemakers, vineyard guys, grape farmers, truck drivers, cellar rats and owners, and all of us that will get to drink these wines, we raise a glass to you!! See you tomorrow!

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