Chenoweth Wines Pinot Noir Green Valley of the Russian River Valley (3-Pack Vertical)  - Last Bottle

Chenoweth Wines Pinot Noir Green Valley of the Russian River Valley (3-Pack Vertical)

This 3-pack combo includes:

1) Chenoweth Wines Pinot Noir Green Valley of the Russian River Valley 2014

1) Chenoweth Wines Pinot Noir Green Valley of the Russian River Valley 2015 (WE92, JS92)

1) Chenoweth Wines Pinot Noir Green Valley of the Russian River Valley 2016 (WE94)

HOT DAMN! The world's just gone upside down. Drop your mouse, drop your breakfast sandwich, just drop whatever it is you’re doing –  because this is a FANTASTIC find (and there's barely enough to share)!

CHENOWETH! If you’ve never seen these fine bottles in your local shop, not to worry…this incredible small production typically only passes hands through locals, extreme pinot hunters, and the savviest of Burghound passionistas. Mostly growers, supplying some of the best CALI-PINOT producers with epic fruit from their three estate vineyards, and maybe keeping just enough fruit from the absolutely PRIME cuts of their Green Valley of Russian River vineyards to make 600 cases each year…TOTAL!

We NEVER get enough of our beloved pinot noir, but an incredible RARE, utterly delectable mini-vertical like this is off-the-charts cool!!! WAY over 50% OFF, with good scores and an even better pedigree...sheesh...did we mention KOSTA BROWNE?!?! Charlie Chenoweth was a prime supplier for years, in addition to Patz & Hall’s single vineyard offering from Chenoweth (96 points, no biggie). When Micheal Browne stepped out on his own with the uber-culty CIRQ – Charlie Chenoweth was his first call! This crazy PRICE?! We just can't get over it. Anyway –  OK, deep breath – like those other JUGGERNAUTS of pinot noir that use this fruit – think warm, beautiful, big, and powerfully styled, with super ripe cherry and cola notes, Chinese five spice, plums, strawberry preserves...just ridiculously good stuff! And how cool to grab a vertical – invite some pinot geeks over and have a blind tasting. Do a whole roasted duck and make tacos! Or just stash it in your cellar for yourself. One thing is sure – we won't see this again, ever. 

Three different estate vineyards – Chenoweth Ranch, Treehouse, and Bootlegger’s Hill…all the best clones – Swan, 667, 777, 115, 23, 37, Pommard, & Calera! Grown by grape whisperer vigneron Charlie Chenoweth, made by his wife, Amy…this is a family affair that is simply lights out! Three spectacular Sonoma vintages, too…drink the 2014 first – all softly perfumed and delicate elegance, with a perfectly integrated core of ripe berry fruits, then take your pick of the 2015 and 2016 – powerfully structured and lusciously rich, quintessentially CLASSIC RRV pinots that will throw shame at other Cali-pinot’s twice the price or more!!! We’re talking only $35/bottle for these wondrous beauties – what are you waiting for?!?! Barely enough to go around, so FLY! First come, first served!

At the turn of the millennium, Charlie Chenoweth convinced his father to uproot their Russian River Valley apple orchard to plant Pinot Noir. 

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: California
Appellation: Sonoma County
Varietal: Pinot Noir

About The Producer

The Cheneoweth family is one of the earliest pioneers to Sonoma, settling in western Sonoma in 1838. The family has been living on the Chenoweth homestead in Green Valley for generations. Charlie started his farming career on the family land when he was just eight years old, “unwillingly,” he admits. But before he knew it, he was a master. Charlie has achieved legend-status, cultivating fruit in painstaking detail for his own Chenoweth Wines as well as  Bootleggers Hill, Jenkins Ranch, and Little Boot Vineyard.

Charlie’s expert winegrowing is matched with his wife of over 20 years and partner in wine, Amy, Chenowth’s winemaker. Amy’s winemaking career started in the vineyard with her husband, and led to the barrel room. Throughout her career, she has gotten the chance to learn from the masters– her training comes in hands-on experience with some of the most revered Sonoma County wine makers.

Together, they emphasize on quality. The winery produces about 600 cases annually with fruit grown on their Home Ranch, TreeHouse, and Bootlegger’s Hill vineyard sites.

Pairing Suggestions

Go ham with your local cheese monger and make the best charcuterie board of your life! We will be adding Spanish manchego, aged gouda, and triple cream brie to ours. 

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