Forster Winzerverein Riesling Kabinett Forster Stift Halbtrocken 2018  - Last Bottle

Forster Winzerverein Riesling Kabinett Forster Stift Halbtrocken 2018

"Ooops, I did it again…"

It happens every time -- popped this open, and somehow, like dark magic, the entire contents of the bottle disappeared, before we even dug into our leftover Thai food from this killer place in Oakland. And every time, we say: "WHY don’t we drink more Riesling?? This is, like…DOPE!" German Riesling, of course, we speak of, with its brilliant, how-do-they-do-it tautness of acidity and laser-focused fruit, with just a whisper of sweetness...oh man, so refreshing, so life-sustaining!! 

ELEVEN DOLLARS. That’s "11" dollars. More than 60% OFF the release price. Gorgeous, insanely quaffable lemon/lime goodness!! We bought every single case we could. 

To the deliciousness at hand (while it lasts, we sold out of EVERYTHING this weekend, so guess we gotta start buying more of this stuff) --- a modest 11.5% alcohol, SINGING, bursting, just begging to show off its citrus, grapefruity, lime and tangerine oil notes, zippy and savory and lingering with truly mouth-watering minerality and a hint of sweet. Outrageously drinkable on its own but man, get something spicy, or get some good cheese, BOOM, you’re going to be stoked! Will go quicker than any of us think!

"Halbtrocken" means "half-dry" and must meet specific criteria for acid and residual sugar level. This gives you and idea of what to expect Kabinett Riesling. This style accounts for 25% of all the wine produced in Germany.

Technical Details

Country: Germany
Region: Pfaltz
Appellation: Pfaltz
Varietal: Riesling
Alcohol: 11.5%
TA: 6.5g/100mLs

About The Producer

For over 100 years the name "Forster Winzerverein" stands for reliability and highest quality. A sense of tradition and a familiar tone have been the pillars of the continuous success of our winegrowing cooperative since its founding in 1918. The small wine town of Forst in the heart of Mittelhaardt has been characterized by viticulture for centuries. Our floors reach the highest creditworthiness levels in Germany. Wines such as church piece, monster and Pechstein founded today's world reputation of Forster wines. 

Pairing Suggestions

We recommend it with pasta, white meat or paella.

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