Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Reserve 2013  - Last Bottle

Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Reserve 2013


YES. Today we blow your Napa Valley Cabernet drinking mind (if you can get some fast enough…), with a Helen Keplinger-made 2013 OAKVILLE Cabernet under our very own Sleeper label. YEAH, you read THAT right!! *** more deets on Sleeper below, if you are new to it ***

There’s a lot of super-secret stuff we CAN’T tell you about (thanks to a 6-page non-disclosure) but we CAN tell you that shiny, polished, amazing little gems like this do not come around often. You’ll be one of the few people on this planet to own it. Please know that we have almost NOTHING of this to sell and it will go in a FLASH of Cabernet brilliance, like the sun setting over the Mayacamas range.

Helen Keplinger is a certified rock star here in the Valley. Incredibly gifted and brilliant, she is the talent behind many coveted wines over the years: Grace Family, where she is currently winemaker, Bryant Family, her own brand of course which she runs with her husband DJ, Kerr Estate, and many other small gems you may have been lucky enough to drink and collect over the years. If you know, you know.

Helen made a small (and we mean SMALL) batch of 2013 Oakville Cabernet, and because we can’t go into details, we tasted it, loved it, and made a deal. It’s really that simple. 2013 in Napa is a big, brawny vintage in general, and this wine has some serious raw power. INKY!! Opaque! Midnight red/purple madness! Glass-coating, mouth-filling, dark mocha sensationalism! Huge wine, with masses of blackberry and blueberry fruit, but never over the top -- it’s got a strong line of acidity and powerful tannins -- very “masculine” if you will, with all manner of secondary notes -- leather, tobacco leaf, cocoa powder, molasses, allspice...just a whopper of a Cabernet that is going to age for several decades….! There you go….a hyper-limited Sleeper Special!! While it lasts…!


**** SLEEPER. It’s our brand, and it’s been around now for well over a decade (we first made Cab in 2005, come visit us and maybe we’ll open one from the library for ya). Many of you know the Sleeper story and ethos but if not, here’s a reminder.

So, what does a "cult" or other such uber-high-end Napa Valley winery (think: $150 a bottle and up (way up), tiny production, famous winemaker, etc.) do when they make 400 cases of killer Cab but only want to release 200 cases? Or they have a barrel or two of A+ juice that just doesn’t work in their blend? Well, they quietly call a friend....maybe someone in the wine biz that has been around the block a few times....someone....DISCREET. That’s US. We’re like Fort Knox over here. We created the Sleeper brand specifically to curate these kinds of once-in-a-lifetime type deals that occasionally come our way and we’re as picky and meticulous on selection as everything else we do. Just ask the thousands of happy people who know and buy it every time we make a new one!

Technical Details

Appellation: Oakville
Varietal: Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon (we can't disclose the exact blend -- would give to many hints!)
Winemaker: Helen Keplinger
Alcohol: 14.90%

About The Producer

As you know, we here at Last bottle World Headquarters are longtime Napa Valley locals. We grew up with, schooled with, delivered pizzas and newspapers and partied with winemakers, vineyard managers, winery GMs and dozens of now wine-industry people. Now and then one of them will call and offer us a bit of "extra" wine - which we bottle under our exclusive label Sleeper (def: an unexpected success).

Pairing Suggestions

A big juicy tomahawk steak!

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