La Fortuna Brunello di Montalcino  2012  - Last Bottle

La Fortuna Brunello di Montalcino 2012

The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” Benjamin Franklin

Unreal!! BF’s quote sums up our feelings about the glorious, astonishingly fantastic Brunello di Montalcinos, Rossos, and really absolutely ANYTHING from the wonderful Zannoni family. Truly, we love these wines with unbridled passion, and today you MUST have a few of these from the terrific 2012 vintage. 93 POINTS! Best price on Earth!

This is heaven to drink now. It will hold a decade or more, but GOOD GOD is it delicious, even at the tender, bleary hour of 8:43 AM. How is this wine not $100? Rich, concentrated but oh-so harmonious and velvety, it just SINGS of Tuscan sunshine, cherries, truffles, earth and sweet spices, all just gliding across your palate with sleek, fine texture and length. We are positive the Zannonis have some sort of special magic they employ...please, please do what you must to grab this!! Not a lot this year!

Got some? Cool. Here’s another quote that sums up our La Fortuna love: “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” Paulo Coelho

While it lasts….!

Ruby red tending to light burgundy red.The bouquet reminds of intense graphite, rust, morello cherry dipped in chocolate, mint, dry hay, violet in the nose. Taste satisfies the olfactory pleasure lavishing sensations of black truffle, violet, liquorice and plum. Wine with a rich alcoholic content and as much freshness with wide tannin, initially velvety and then ending a bit dry, as fully characterized by the vine. The wine dithers between alcohol and freshness but at the end freshness prevails. Medium-bodied, with a long aromatic persistence. Liquorice and fresh plum aftertaste.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Brunello di Montalcino
Appellation: Brunello di Montalcino
Varietal: Sangiovese
Aging/Cooperage: 40 months in 25Hl Slavonian oak barrels and then 9 months in bottle before the release on the market
Harvest Date: September 20 - 30
Alcohol: 15%

About The Producer

Five generations. Almost an hundred year in this land. The Zannoni arrived at "La Fortuna" back in 1907.

Angiolino and Quirina got married and started working in the farm armed with courage and determination and a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Wine production was small, but it was red and good. In 1950, Angiolino and Quirina hand over the management of the farm to their son, and daughter-in-law, Iva.

It was the brainchild of Gino and Iva Zannoni, independent farmers ever since 1965, the year they purchased the farmstead.

Here Gioberto came into the world and here too, his and Felicetta's children were born. Today Gioberto has become the man of the company.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Lamb, Game (deer, venison) and Poultry

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