Frith Chardonnay Napa Valley 2014  - Last Bottle

Frith Chardonnay Napa Valley 2014

BOOM! “Lip-smacking” is not a term we take lightly around here when to comes to kickass Chardonnay, oh no (AT THIS PRICE!!) -- it is a NECESSITY. Literally we want to be licking lips, smacking them, and making oooh ahhh noises as much as possible. WE NAILED IT today!

SECRET WEAPON to know about this complex, racy, layered Chardonnay, besides the best price you will ever see in a million years, of course, is Frith winemaker Christopher Vandendriessche is also winemaker at White Rock, AND Hudson Vineyards OWN label (a wine that gets crazy accolades vintage after vintage)! Fruit from a killer spot + rockin’ winemaker = absolute recipe for success.

But to the wine! Candied lemon peel, nectarine, apples and apple pie crust notes, with killer freshness and well, LIP-SMACKING minerality and zest. Sure, we’ll have another glass! This is a SUPERB Chard with great vineyard and winemaking pedigree --- not surprising we only got a small batch!! Happy Saturday indeed!

Frith wines is a very small project between proprietor Cory Lane and winemaker Christopher Vandendriessche (White Rock / Hudson). The grapes are sourced from some of the very best parcels of vines in Napa.

Technical Details

Country: USA
Appellation: Napa Valley
Varietal: Chardonnay
Winemaker: Christopher Vandendriessche
Aging/Cooperage: 70% new French oak /30% neutral - 16 months in barrel
Alcohol: 14.80%
Production: 260

About The Producer

From the Frith website:

We've been really fortunate, truly. 

It all started with bit of a clumsy accident… A broken knee, a couple of orphaned barrels of Grenache, some really embarrassing branding exercises, and a handful of would-be-mentors that looked out for a young dumb restaurant kid when he needed it the most.  That is the foundation of this unlikely wine project called Frith Wines.

The word Frith literally translates to peace and freedom but in context it means something much deeper and complex. At its core, it’s a combination of loyalty, honor, hospitality, and support. Simply put, it is the obligation to one's community, friends, and family while always considering their best interest in everything that you do.

At the time, when I stumbled across the word late one night and a little drunk, I certainly didn't understand the power or perfect impact it held. Over time I've come to realize it is the only word that accurately encompasses the forces behind what we are and how we got here.

Pairing Suggestions

Stews, braised meats, asian cuisine, seafood.

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