Domaine Besson Chablis 2016  - Last Bottle

Domaine Besson Chablis 2016

boom) psheeeew…..

That’s as close as we can get to “mind blown” sounds in print --- because our minds are TRULY, utterly, unspeakably blown. 95 POINT Chablis, $19?? 2016 vintage? Are you kidding? That is not a typo, folks, friends, loved ones, family, no no, that is just what is happening at this second here on a rainy Saturday in the Napa warehouse. Wow wow wow! BESSON!

We’ve been bringing in Besson direct from Burgundy for a few years now (those of you savvy enough to have purchased this in the past already KNOW how killer it is), and we always loved it, but can we tell how good it feels to see a fat 95 SCORE from Decanter on this? SO GOOD! Let’s rock!

$19! Astounding. Burgundy’s steeliest, flintiest expression of Chardonnay comes from Chablis, and Besson’s take in this fantastic vintage is THRILLING. Madness not to grab a few or more of these. Cut grass, candied lemons, sweet grapefruit, a dash of something tropical (passionfruit?) all wrapped up in a racy, mouth-tingling, minerally zippicity (how’s THAT for a new word??). SO GOOD. Truly amazing. We hope you get some!!!

The 2016 is a crisp vintage in Chablis and this bright, tangy wine reflects it. It has plenty of lemon acidity, orange zest and liveliness that has been partially smoothed out by some wood aging. Drink this wine from late 2018.

Technical Details

Country: Burgundy, France
Region: Chablis
Varietal: Chardonnay
Winemaker: EARL Besson
Alcohol: 12.50%

About The Producer

Situated in the heart of Chablis, Domaine Besson is the proud owner of an exceptional wine-producing heritage, seeking to express and transmit in its wines the purity and sensitivity of this unique terroir. The estate is an independent family-owned and run domaine spanning four generations. Today, their 21 hectares comprises holdings in Petit Chablis, Chablis and selected Premiers/Grands Crus. Alain Besson has handed more control to his daughter Camille, who looks after the winemaking and marketing, and his son Adrien who is responsible for the vineyard work. Practicing ‘lutte raisonnée’ in the vineyards and manual harvesting (for the Grands Crus only), their thoughtful, sensitive winemaking gives rise to wines that offer a pure expression of fruit in a fine and elegant styling.

Pairing Suggestions

Shellfish, Crab and Lobster

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