Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley 2015  - Last Bottle

Sleeper Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley 2015

THE FORCE IS STRONG IN THIS ONE. If you love rich, sexy, powerful Napa Cab, don’t do ANYTHING else for the next minute until you lock a few in!! We may be biased (ya think?) but we think that our Sleeper Reserve is truly one of the greatest Napa Valley Cabernet values currently on the planet, and most especially in a spectacular vintage like 2015!! Probably the best ever….we’d put it up against ALL KINDS of way-pricier bottlings, oh yes.

SO --- if you are new to our much-loved Sleeper label, we HIGHLY recommend not waiting one more second --- get some and come back for the deets. Savvy LB clients know what a rockstar Cab this truly is!!

** got some? cool. **

Man, every fiber in our wine-soaked bodies would love to tell you where this is from, truly. It is the most structured, dense, lushest, and most jam-packed Reserve we have ever sold, and we’ve been doing this wine since 2005! The astounding ‘15 vintage kicks it up another notch for sure. Soars with black fruits, cassis, toasty oak, rich and glyceriny….so LEGIT!! This is NOT a Cabernet for those who like a tipple of something light and fresh...NO! It is a thick, succulent, ripe and hedonistic Cabernet and we had to sign many pages of non-disclosures to get it...when you taste it (assuming you like BIG Cabernets!) you will know why we keep snagging this small lot of Cabernet brilliance every year. In fact, check out the love on Cellartracker for our wines under the Sleeper label --- we get some pretty good lovin’.

We can’t tell you what the price of this wine in its original label sells for, but we CAN tell you it is a MASSIVE discount, considering the crazy-good pedigree, location, masterful winemaker, and gotta-have-it, famously known producer. 85% of the blend comes from this winery (sorry, can’t tell you, EVER) and 15% from another (Diamond Mountain!) and blended by another masterful winemaker named Jon Keyes who worked at Sine Qua Non and for some time under Thomas Rivers Brown at Outpost (currently assistant to Mark Herold). As for the deal on Sleeper, well, the scoop is….What does a "cult" Napa Valley winery (think: $150 a bottle and up (way up), tiny production, famous winemaker, etc.) do when they make 400 cases of killer Cab but only want to release 200 cases? Well, they quietly call a friend....maybe someone in the wine biz that has been around the block a few times....someone....DISCREET. That’s US. We’re like Fort Knox over here. We created the Sleeper brand specifically to curate these kinds of once-in-a-lifetime type deals that occasionally come our way and we’re as picky and meticulous on selection as everything else we do. Just ask the thousands of happy people who know!!

That’s it in a nutshell….we guarantee you’ll be blown away. Just hurry...we don’t have much of this!!

Technical Details

Region: Napa Valley
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Aging/Cooperage: 20 months in new and used French barrels
Alcohol: 15.2
PH: 3.5

About The Producer

As you know, we here at Last bottle World Headquarters are longtime Napa Valley locals. We grew up with, schooled with, delivered pizzas and newspapers and partied with winemakers, vineyard managers, winery GMs and dozens of now wine-industry people.

Now and then one of them will call and offer us a bit of "extra" wine - which we bottle under our exclusive label Sleeper (def: an unexpected success). Often, as is the case here, the source of these wines (which are protected like nuclear launch codes under reams of non-disclosure documents) are VERY high-end wineries who sell the same wines for MUCH MUCH more!! These are MASSIVE deals compared to normal pricing. That's the quick skinny on Sleeper and the small-batch wines we make!! Check out some of our reviews on Cellartracker for reviews from many happy customers over the years!

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