Chateau Serilhan Saint-Estephe 2014  - Last Bottle

Chateau Serilhan Saint-Estephe 2014

Bravo! Bordeaux!! 91 POINTS and a screaming buy --- just landed in the warehouse!

On our tasting bar any given day, there are 10-40 wines that we have sampled that day (sometimes more, and we are asleep on the couch). Employees, charming, thirsty, hard working creatures that they are, filter in and taste whatever they like and at the end of the day there is typically ONE empty bottle --- the staff’s favorite, of course, the one they all filled up a glass of. That’s THIS Chateau Serilhan, today --- a brilliant, lush-but-elegant, almost Napa Valley-esque Cabernet from Bordeaux’s powerful St. Estephe appellation!! Woo hoo! What a price!!

TEXTURE, baby -- that’s what we’re talkin’ about in this lovely wine. Silky fruit, medium-weight, this truly astonishing (considering our price) Bordeaux GLIDES across your mouth with finesse and rich blue/purple fruit flavors. SO. GOOD. We’re not surprised a bit that our employees drained this bottle in minutes, they have good taste, obviously. Has just the right touch of plush, toasty French oak barrels, a cinnamon-like spice note (nutmeg maybe?) to roll around your brain with all the fruit. Just OUTSTANDING, impressive wine and you will NEVER see a better price!!

Get it while we got it! We all snagged our 6-packs!

In January 2003, Didier Marcelis took over the family property. The estate started back in 1982 by his grandfather Merlet and was managed by his parents, Jean and Maryvonne. After his arrival, he began heavily investing to improve the quality of the wines (increase vineyard size, replanting, new material buying, new barrels, etc...). Didier Marcelis has managed the property with passion and enthusiasm, supported by a dynamic team and the consultant winemaker.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Bordeaux
Appellation: Saint-Estephe
Varietal: Bordeaux Blends
Vineyard: Chateau Serilhan
Winemaker: Hubert De Boüard
Alcohol: 12 - 14

About The Producer

St. Estephe is the age-worthy and reliable source for Bordeaux reds. Separated from Pauillac by a stream, St. Estephe is the farthest northwest of the highest classed villages of the Haut Medoc and is subject to the most intense maritime influence of the Atlantic.

St. Estephe soils are rich in gravel like all of the best sites of the Haut Medoc but here the formation of gravel over clay creates a cooler atmosphere for its vines compared to those in the villages farther downstream. This results in delayed ripening and wines with higher acidity compared to the other villages.

While they can seem a bit austere when young, St. Estephe reds prove to live very long in the cellar. While dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, many producers now add a significant proportion of Merlot to the blend, which will soften any sharp edges of the more tannic, Cabernet.

The St. Estephe village contains two second growths, Chateau Montrose and Cos d’Estournel.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Venison, Lamb or Poultry

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